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Our Businesses

Converged Network Group (CNG)

Lenovo created the Converged Network Group in 2018 to accelerate Lenovo’s growth in networking. Starting in China, this Business Group creates end to end solutions for 5G standalone network, including 5G RAN, 5G Core, 5G ISAS, etc.

The business focuses on:

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5 major product categories: NFV Infrastructure (NFVi), 5G O-RAN & Core network, Intelligent Service Aware System (ISAS), 5G 2B Solutions, and Accelerator PCI-E cards

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3 major market segments: telecom service providers, 5G private networks, and in smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart campus 5G business-to-business

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Smart solutions by leveraging Lenovo’s full stack technical architecture include client / edge / cloud / networking / intelligence

In 2019, Lenovo invested in the construction of the 5G converged network headquarters in Chongqing city, China. Lenovo will build a 5G Research and Development center, together with 5G application development, delivery, demonstration, and training center here.

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