Alliance Partners Abstract Image
Alliance Partners Abstract Image

Alliance Partners

Partnering with industry leaders to help you transform your business through smarter solutions that leverage Lenovo hardware, software, and services.

Explore Our Alliance Partners

Discover the power of our strategic alliances and joint solutions that help address complex business challenges.

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Lenovo and AMD are creating new ways to solve customers’ problems that transform the way we all live, learn, and work. We’re delivering end-to-end solutions and services, at any scale, through accessible and reliable technology.

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Lenovo and Intel® power a broad range of infrastructure solutions that enable organizations to disrupt markets, change perspectives, and even save lives.

Lenovo and Intel Alliance

Lenovo Solutions Accelerated by Intel

Accelerated by Intel® configurations are designed, tested, and verified to deliver optimal performance, cost, and energy efficiency across a wide range of workloads, including compute, network, and storage.

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The Lenovo-Microsoft alliance brings innovative and reliable software and hardware services that cater to the needs of businesses in a rapidly evolving environment.



Lenovo and NVIDIA — working towards a smarter, faster future. Get a competitive advantage in an accelerating future, with fast, secure, and scalable end-to-end solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

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Red Hat

Accelerate innovation cost-effectively with virtualization, automation, and infrastructure solutions from Red Hat® and Lenovo.

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Rely on our experts to help enable your intelligent transformation with SAP® solutions, services, and applications.

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Modernize applications and enable seamless, scalable multi-cloud environments with VMware offerings from Lenovo.

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Lenovo AI Innovators

Our AI innovators program aims to maximize alignment between hardware engineering and AI software design and performance. We help you deploy AI more rapidly, and with increased confidence.

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Why Lenovo

Learn how we deliver our vision of Smarter Technology for All through products, solutions, software, and services that individuals, communities, businesses, and entire populations need to fulfill their potential.

We are an industry pioneer and trusted advisor, not just an IT vendor, because our innovation and expertise help customers transform their businesses.  

Lenovo is the only global technology provider with an integrated, open-choice ecosystem of devices and solutions, from the phone in your pocket to the hybrid cloud powering your enterprise.

Our 35 factories in 180 markets give us a global reach of more than one billion customers, while our expansive network of trusted partners provides local expertise.

We’re committed to delivering sustainable solutions built with future-ready technology that will ensure better outcomes for our customers everywhere. 

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Shaping computing intelligence and revitalizing businesses through smarter solutions that leverage Lenovo hardware, software, and services.

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