ThinkPad P15s (Intel)

ThinkPad P15s (Intel)

Performance at the speed of life

With powerful Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, the ThinkPad P15s is like no other 15.6" mobile workstation. Weighing just 1.75kg and boasting epic battery life, it gives you real workstation power on the go. Choose the 4K UHD display with Dolby Vision™ for truly amazing, vibrant visuals. Great for students, engineers, and designers who need to work from anywhere.
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      1. ThinkPad P15s Gen 1

        Web price: CHF 1'879.00
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        CHF 1'503.20
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      2. ThinkPad P15s Gen 1

        Web price: CHF 2'189.00
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        CHF 1'751.20
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      3. Mobile Workstation P15s Gen 1

        Web price: CHF 2'139.00
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        CHF 1'643.20
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      4. ThinkPad P15s Gen 1

        Web price: CHF 2'569.00
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        CHF 2'055.20
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