ThinkStation P8 Workstation Powered by AMD

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Lenovo Legion 5 Gen 9 AMD family

Featured Product: ThinkStation P8 Workstation with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series Processors

For heavy computing workloads, the Lenovo ThinkStation P8 Workstation with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processing delivers the fast, reliable output you demand. With up to 96 processing cores, huge memory and storage capacities, and slots for multiple advanced graphics cards, the ThinkStation P8 is ready to help you analyze lab results, render architectural designs, crunch financial market data—whatever you need.

ThinkStation P8

Figure 1: ThinkStation P8 powered by AMD

The AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors inside the ThinkStation P8 are a game-changer. Built on a super-efficient, 5nm process architecture, each request moves through the CPU cores at lightning-fast speed, with less added heat than earlier designs. And with business-ready AMD PRO technologies incorporated into each chip, you get a custom set of AMD security and manageability features for extra data protection and peace of mind.

The ThinkStation P8 is ISV-certified to run a wide range of compute-intensive engineering and scientific software, and it's earned EPEAT® Gold and TCO 9.0 registrations for energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing. Plus, the roomy, thermally-optimized chassis was co-developed with legendary auto maker Aston Martin, so it’s highly ergonomic and has a modern, modular look. Use a single ThinkStation P8 as a tower at your desk or run a data center full of them—that’s right, it’s rack optimized, too.

Put it all together, and what do you get? A ThinkStation P8 powered by AMD that’s ready for everything:

  • Rendering (draft & final)
  • VFX Simulation
  • Video Editing & Encoding
  • CAE Simulation
  • Generative Design
  • Toolpath Optimization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Product Design
  • Reality Capture
  • Software Development
  • Hosting VDI instances
  • Multitasking
  • M&E Production

ThinkStation P8: Fresh design with awesome power

If you’re shopping for a workstation, it’s clear that computational power and efficiency are important in your field. The Lenovo ThinkStation P8 is ready to perform, with AMD processing that will redefine your expectations in a top-flight PC.

Professionals in engineering, video production, finance, and other fields where “time is money” will line up for the ThinkStation P8. Multiple AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors are available, whether you value raw speed (up to 5.3 GHz boost clock1) or maximum core and thread counts (up to 96 and 192, respectively). You’ll render intricate designs or edit high-resolution video files almost effortlessly—boosting productivity and slashing production times.

A person working on a computer Description automatically generated

Figure 2: ThinkStation P8 (monitors sold separately)

There’s impressive graphics support on the ThinkStation P8, too. Depending on your needs, the workstation can be outfitted with an array of discrete graphics options from AMD or NVIDIA®. In fact, for the most intense visual demands, there’s room to plug in up to three advanced NVIDIA® RTX™ graphics cards with loads of VRAM. It’s a true graphical powerhouse, whether you’re building AR/VR applications or developing video games.

Want more? The ThinkStation P8 can be configured with up to 1TB of ECC DDR5 memory across up to 8 DIMM slots. There’s room for as many as nine storage drives, with potential capacity up to 52TB. A choice of 1000W or 1400W power supplies ensures there will be plenty of energy to keep the components humming. And multiple, state-of-the-art thermal protection features are always working to keep things cool.

Of course, all this processing, storage, and graphics power lies within the ThinkStation P8. But this workstation is equally impressive on the outside. There’s front-drive access for convenience. The chassis is toolless, making it easy to reach in and make upgrades as needs change, like adding graphics cards as described above. It even looks great, with special lighting features that make it stand out.

AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series Processors with AMD ‘Zen 4’ architecture

The AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors in the ThinkStation P8 are precision-engineered to handle the demanding workflows of professionals in engineering, architecture, media, entertainment, and other high-pressure fields. The advanced multi-core processor design helps WX-Series chips move through complex datasets with ease, whether you’re rendering architectural drawings or creating sophisticated AI simulations.

What makes AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors so special? For starters, they’re built on the AMD “Zen 4” processor architecture—the company’s most advanced chip design at time of launch.

And make no mistake: The leap from AMD “Zen 3” to AMD “Zen 4” architecture is much more than a number. There are real performance improvements, starting with super-efficient 5nm process technology—the smallest transistor structure in an AMD CPU to date. What does this matter? Smaller transistors allow a processor to perform more calculations each millisecond, with less added heat. And since more of them fit on a single processor die, AMD can pack more cores on each “Zen 4”-based chip.

How many more cores? The top-rated chip in the family, the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7995WX processor, boasts an amazing 96 cores and 192 threads. Even the 7000 WX-Series’ entry-level 7945WX processor boasts 12 and 24, which was considered a huge core and thread count just a few years ago. Complex, multi-threaded tasks fly through these CPUs with ease, making your workloads less… work.

Table 1 gives more details about the AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors available in the ThinkStation P8. In-stock availability will vary.

Table 1: AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processor specifications





Frequency (Boost1/Base)

L3 Cache

P CIe® 5.0 Lanes

AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7995WX




5.1/2.5 GHz



AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7985WX




5.1/3.2 GHz



AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7975WX




5.3/4.0 GHz



AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7965WX




5.3/4.2 GHz



AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7955WX




5.3/4.5 GHz



AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 5945WX




5.3/4.7 GHz



You see? There’s an AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processor for virtually every professional need. Which one will you configure in your new ThinkStation P8?

Get more done with a Lenovo ThinkStation advanced by AMD

The different professional uses of the Lenovo ThinkStation P8 workstation are almost limitless. With power from AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors, these systems are ready to perform across a wide variety of industries and professions.

Media & Entertainment

Virtual production workflows are saving time and money for filmmakers and creators. Post-production, there’s advanced 8k rendering and editing. Extreme computing capacity is a must, and with an AMD powered ThinkStation P8, you’ll push more creative iterations through the pipeline in less time.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Big datasets—and tight timelines—are typical for architects and engineers, who use some of the most complicated professional software applications. The AMD powered ThinkStation P8 is ready, whether you need fast clock speeds for lightly-threaded 3D design work or lots of cores for multi-threaded rendering and reality capture.

A group of people in a factory Description automatically generated

Figure 3:ThinkStation P8 workstations (monitors sold separately)

Design & Manufacturing

New product creation is greatly aided by computer technology, enabling complex modeling and simulations that help prove which concepts will succeed long before production begins. A ThinkStation P8 workstation with AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO processing can be a big advantage, with massive DDR5 memory capacity for complex generative design work.

Software & Science

With up to 96 cores, the ThinkStation P8 can sharply reduce compile times for software and game designers, for whom code-testing and revisions are a nearly constant cycle. And for AI developers and data scientists, the 128 high-speed PCIe® 5.0 lanes in Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors are ideal for machine-learning and training, even in multi-GPU configurations.

AMD PRO technologies: Security, manageability, & more

Security concerns are a huge factor in computing today. And the threats from hackers and data-miners loom even larger when you work with confidential research data, sensitive financial information, intellectual property, and so on—in other words, precisely the kinds of tasks you’re likely to undertake on a workstation like the ThinkStation P8.

AMD has incorporated advanced security controls directly into the silicon of AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors. These built-in security capabilities—part of a set of enterprise-grade features called AMD PRO technologies—provide a robust foundation for system defense, helping to secure your critical data from the moment the processor starts up.

AMD PRO security

AMD PRO security uses a muti-level approach to help thwart today’s sophisticated digital attacks. It starts with the innovative AMD “Zen” processor architecture described above, then builds upon it with these additional protection features:

  • AMD Memory Guard: Real-time memory data encryption to combat physical attacks
  • AMD Secure Boot: Widens silicon root-of-trust to the system BIOS to protect firmware
  • AMD Secure Processor: Integrated on-chip security processor dedicated to encryption
  • AMD Shadow Stack: Compares your running program stack to a hardware-stored copy

But AMD PRO Technologies go far beyond security. They also help large enterprises manage their PC fleets and give IT departments a stable platform they know they can build-on for years to come.

AMD PRO manageability

AMD PRO manageability helps companies better plan and coordinate their entire PC fleet by simplifying system deployment, imaging, and updates. Features include:

  • Manage systems from multiple OEMs, even if running other CPUs
  • Easily distribute and install Microsoft Windows to AMD powered systems
  • Supports current infrastructures and Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

AMD PRO business ready

AMD PRO business ready features give IT managers the platform consistency and longevity they demand. Features include:

  • 18 months of planned software stability
  • 24 months of planned availability
  • Continuous platform validation (OS, firmware/BIOS, and driver updates)

With AMD PRO technologies in AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors, you can run your ThinkStation P8 Workstation with confidence and peace of mind.

Lenovo ThinkStation: The Leading Name in Professional Workstations

Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are found in editing rooms, research labs and high-pressure work settings around the globe because their robust performance caters to the demands of professionals across various industries. Powered exclusively with high-performing processors and graphics cards—and with advanced thermal management features to keep things cool—ThinkStation systems can be pushed to the limit to accelerate 3D modeling, video editing, data analysis, and other projects.

Then there’s Lenovo reliability and durability. ThinkStation workstations are built to withstand prolonged use in challenging environments, so you’re less likely to experience downtime due to hardware failure. It’s a big reason why so many Independent Software Vendors certify that their applications will run as designed on ThinkStation workstations.

Users also appreciate Lenovo ThinkStation brand PCs for their expandability and customization options. As your computing needs evolve, so, too, can your ThinkStation workstation, with multiple swappable components in an easy-to-access chassis interior. You can “go big” from the outset or start small and expand as your computing demands evolve. The choice is yours.

AMD, the AMD Arrow logo, Ryzen, Radeon, Threadripper, and combinations thereof are trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

1 Max boost for AMD Ryzen™ processors is the maximum frequency achievable by a single core on the processor running a bursty single-threaded workload. Max boost will vary based on several factors, including, but not limited to thermal paste; system cooling; motherboard design and BIOS; the latest AMD chipset driver; and the latest OS updates.

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