Lenovo Family Day Sale: Big bargains on laptops and PCs for everyone

Just in time for Canada’s annual mid-winter holiday, we’ve lowered prices on many of our best laptops, tablets, desktops, and PC accessories. It’s the Lenovo Family Day Sale, with deals for dads, moms, kids – even tech-friendly mémés and pépés. And everything ships for free!

Buying for the office? It’s still a great time to shop. From business-ready ThinkPad laptops and souped-up Legion gaming PCs to affordable IdeaPad systems and smart devices for the home, there’s something for everyone. Check out Lenovo’s Family Day Computer Sale today.

Lenovo Family Day Sale: Laptops

Now Canadians can add laptop shopping to the long list of favorite Family Day activities – along with skiing, skating, feasting, board games and all the rest. It’s the Lenovo Family Day Sale, with big discounts on many of our most popular laptops and portable devices... Read Family Day Laptops

Lenovo Family Day Sale: Desktop PCs

Even in today’s go-go world, desktop PCs are still best-sellers – and they’re a big part of the Lenovo Family Day Sale. We’re offering deep discounts on desktops, towers, and workstations from some of Canada’s best-known PC brands: ThinkCentre, Legion, Yoga, and more... Read Family Day Desktops

Lenovo Family Day Sale: Gaming PCs

Playing video games is an increasingly popular Family Day activity across Canada, and a great way to warm up after a day outdoors. But it’s hard to compete with your brother or sister – or even your aunt from Winnipeg – if your PC can’t keep up. Fortunately, the Lenovo Family Day Sale has loads of great deals on powerful gaming desktops and gaming laptops... Read Family Day Gaming PCs

Lenovo Family Day Sale: 2-in-1 Laptops

Want to settle the family argument? You know, the one about whether to buy a new laptop for its advanced power and features, or a new tablet for its easy, hand-held portability? The solution might be an innovative 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combo. It’s the best of both worlds – and the Lenovo Family Day Sale offers low prices on many of our top 2-in-1 models.... Read Family Day 2-in-1s

Lenovo Family Day Sale: PC Accessories & Smart Devices

It’s time for the Lenovo Family Day Sale, including low prices on PC accessories and smart devices. And who doesn’t need one of these handy computer add-ons? Your PC may have a top-rated CPU and other features, but if your wireless keyboard is acting up or your external display is too small, it can affect your productivity (and attitude)... Read Family Day PC Accessories & ‘Smart’ Devices