Lenovo Family Day Sale: Laptops

Now Canadians can add laptop shopping to the long list of favorite Family Day activities – along with skiing, skating, feasting, board games and all the rest. It’s the Lenovo Family Day Sale, with big discounts on many of our most popular laptops and portable devices.

While Family Day isn’t known for gift-giving (unlike some other holidays), who doesn’t like a great deal on a legendary ThinkPad laptop for the office? Or a screaming fast Legion gaming laptop? Or a big, bright, easy to use tablet? Lenovo’s Family Day offerings change each year, but you’ll always find big savings a wide variety of top-rated mobile technology.

So come in from the cold, grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and take a deep look at these outstanding laptop offers. We’ve got laptops for home and school, office and business settings – even high-powered mobile workstations and gaming systems. Plus, when you shop Lenovo’s Family Day Laptop Sale, virtually everything ships for free!

Sale-priced Lenovo laptops

The Lenovo Family Day Sale is one of our biggest discount events of the year. So you’ll find special offers and deals across the entire Lenovo laptop lineup:

  • ThinkPad: Secure and business-ready, ThinkPad is the leading name in laptop technology today. From our powerful ThinkPad T Series to the ultraportable ThinkPad X Series and beyond, ThinkPad leads the way.
  • IdeaPad: Stylish, lightweight IdeaPad laptops offer advanced processing and user-friendly features. Their sharp colors and smooth edges fit anywhere, from the board room to the family room.
  • Legion: Since their debut, Lenovo Legion gaming systems have been a favorite of advanced PC gamers around the world. High-end processors, extreme lighting effects, and more – Legion offers it all.
  • Yoga: Trying to choose between a laptop for office work or a tablet to use while traveling (or at home)? Try a flexible Yoga 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combo, a versatile device that delivers the best of both formats.
  • Mobile workstations: Looking for extreme power and performance in a mobile PC? Lenovo mobile workstations – outfitted with the CPUs, displays and other components – are ready for virtually any task.

With a laptop selection as deep and varied as this, it’s easy to see why Canadians love shopping at Lenovo. And there’s no better time to shop for laptops than during our annual Family Day Laptop Sale.

Lenovo Boxing Day Sale offers

If you’ve visited Lenovo’s Family Day Sale (or mid-winter sale, if you prefer) before, you know it’s more than just a standard discount event. It lasts for several days, with new offers added regularly.

Every sale is different. But generally, our sale offers take several forms:

  • Percent-Off Deals: Multiple famous Lenovo brands and product lines are often priced at 20%, 30% or even 40% off or more.
  • Doorbusters: Some of our best offers are our limited-time Doorbusters. Act fast, though. These deals don’t last long.
  • Price Drops: Sometimes, on certain products, prices keep dropping as the sale goes on. When you see the price you like, buy it!

These examples are just a few of the sale offers you may find at Lenovo’s Family Day Laptop Sale and other big events. Best of all, in addition to great prices, you’re getting top-quality Lenovo products – known and valued the world over.

Why do Canadians shop for laptops at Family Day sales?

As with most holidays, enterprising business people and entrepreneurs have seized upon Family Day as a time to schedule attention-grabbing sales and discounts. As the event is family-focused, many of these offers center on group activities (indoor and outdoor), generational gatherings, and such. But the list is truly varied – the Lenovo Family Day Sale, naturally, includes big bargains on laptops and PCs.

Family Day is unique in a number of ways. Unlike most widely observed civic holidays that mark a specific historical event or honored group – think Canada Day in July or Labour Day in September – Family Day is more sentimental in nature, honoring the family unit and familial spirit. And although the event has been enacted across most of Canada, Family Day is not recognized in every province and is not a federal statutory holiday (so you still get mail delivery, etc.).

Family Day is also a relatively recent tradition, dating only to 1990, when it was first established in Alberta. It remained a one-province event until the mid-2000s, when Saskatchewan and Ontario added Family Day to their calendars, followed by British Columbia and New Brunswick a few years later. Meanwhile, other provinces declared similar February holidays – but each has a different name and slightly different focus. Manitoba observes Louis Riel Day to honor the aboriginal leader and provincial co-founder; Prince Edward Island celebrates the appropriately-named Islander Day, and Nova Scotia marks Nova Scotia Heritage Day honoring a succession of different historical figures.

The event is not formally observed in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, or Yukon, although some employers there still give their staff the day off. In addition, most nationwide commercial activities – including the Lenovo Family Day Sale – are extended to these regions, too.

Why buy a Lenovo laptop at the Boxing Day Sale?

There's more to savvy Family Day laptop shopping than finding great deals. You need to buy from the right company – one that delivers it all, before and after the sale.

Here's why so many laptop buyers around Canada turn to the annual Lenovo Family Day Sale:

  • Free Shipping: Lenovo offers free standard shipping on nearly every laptop we sell. Orders typically arrive 4-9 days after they're shipped.
  • Wide selection: As a leading global PC maker, Lenovo has it all: office laptops, student laptops, family laptops, 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combos, and more.
  • Great prices: Get Family Day discounts on everything from souped-up gaming rigs to affordable systems for home and family use.
  • Off-the-shelf: For fastest delivery, choose a pre-configured system. It'll be out the door and on its way to you fast – sometimes within hours.
  • Custom-built: Many Lenovo laptops are customizable. Add more RAM or storage, or upgrade to a higher-resolution display.
  • Product warranties: Lenovo products are protected by some of the best warranties in the business. Optional, extended warranties are also available.
  • Customer support: Our customer support specialists can help you find the right system for your needs, and they're ready to resolve any ordering questions.
  • Technical support: Get answers 24/7/365. Speak with a technical support specialist or find your solution in our extensive online support database.

It’s simple. When you buy a laptop from Lenovo, you really can’t go wrong. And when you shop the annual Lenovo Family Day Laptop Sale, you’ll get some of our best prices of the year.