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Best Laptop for Video Editing

Finding the best laptop for video editing can sometimes seem like a daunting task even though almost every device, from laptops to cellphones, are able to do basic video editing. Although many devices might do the job for extremely simple video editing with low resolution, if you want to work on anything that is long in length and has a high screen resolution, even if it is lower than 4K, you will need a laptop with the specific capabilities to get the job done without crashing or slowing down.

This means that laptops for video editing need to have a set of basic capabilities and specs if you are serious about video editing and want to work on videos that contain large amounts of information either as a fun hobby or as part of your professional career.

Multimedia laptops in general tend to have higher processing capabilities, more RAM, better quality graphics cards, more storage space, and larger monitors than the average laptop. Finding the right package with this combination is important for effectively getting any video editing work done.

That is why we have listed the best Lenovo laptop options for video editing below:

The All-Around Best Video Editing Laptops

Perhaps you are not entirely sure about the specific demands required for your video editing work and are considering getting a great all-arounder that combines processing power, battery life, and an affordable price.

While some laptops specifically designed for editing large, high resolution video files can require a larger investment, we do offer models with all of the processor requirements for video editing while also balancing that with affordable prices and practical battery life for when you have to work while traveling.

A great all-round option is the ThinkPad P17 Mobile Workstation. This comes with a 17” screen size, and up to a NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics card, up to 4TB of fast M.2 storage, and up to 14 hours of battery life depending on the model you choose. Additionally, you can choose between the Intel® Xeon® with vPro® technology or 10th Gen Intel Core™ i9 processors depending on the models you choose. All of this ensures that you can seamlessly edit large, UHD video files without any issues.

The ThinkPad 17 Mobile Workstation also features an Ultra Performance Mode, which when turned on optimizes the entire system for maximum efficiency, allowing the system to boost its performance when you need that extra bit of power. This is perfect for when you are at home or near a power source in general and switching off this feature means that you can stretch out the charge of the battery when traveling.

Another great all-arounder is the ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 3 laptop. With a NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 graphics card, lightweight design, multiple monitor support, and up to 14+ hours of battery life, this laptop will allow you to get the most video editing work completed without any interruptions, be it amateur or professional work. The processor is up to 10th Gen Intel® Core® vPro™ H series with a for maximum speed processing. It has a 15.6” FHD antiglare screen and Dolby Vision with a measurement of 500 nits, meaning that you will benefit from enhanced screen brightness and real life color details that will enhance the video editing experience.

The Best Laptop For Video Editing When Traveling

If you are constantly on the move and need to make the most of your time while traveling, then you are going to want to prioritize long battery life and compact design over other aspects, although you will still need an effective processor, graphics card, and storage capacity.

The Lenovo Yoga C740 2 in 1 laptop combines an extremely responsive 10th generation Intel Core processor with a 15.6” touchscreen along with up to 15 hours of battery life. That is enough battery life to take you from the LAX to Australia, and you are going to want as much battery life in order to keep on working since power sources are normally busy at most airport terminals.

The Yoga C740 has a 10th Gen Intel Core™ i7 processor with between 1.80GHz to 4.90GHz, an Integrated Intel UHD graphics card, 1TB of hard drive space, and an FHD glossy touchscreen with 500 nits that ensures every detail on the display is highlighted with superior brightness and resolution. Like many other Lenovo models, the Yoga C740 laptop also has a rapid charge feature where it can charge up to 80% in just 1 hour when switched off or in standby mode, perfect for any layovers where you quickly need to plug in for extra charge.

Another great travel option that also has more of an entry-level price than the Yoga C740 is the Lenovo IdeaPad S540. This is the perfect travel laptop with its 18 hours of battery life, 10th generation Intel Core i7- processor and smaller 13.3” QHD screen that makes the entire device smaller and more compact for travel, while delivering crystal clear images with realistic colors.

Because of its slightly smaller processor and storage capacity, the IdeaPad S540 might not be able to handle the same workload as the Yoga C740, however it might be the better option to choose if a compact laptop design is more important.

The Best Laptops for Video Editing Under budget

While some of the Lenovo laptops already mentioned cost under $1,000, there are more options that you can choose from when keeping a lower budget in mind.

One of these options is the Lenovo ThinkPad T490 with an 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor that can reach up to 4.80GHz with its Turbo Boost feature. This laptop features a 14” FHD display with 400 nits for great resolution and brightness, an Integrated Intel UHD graphics card, and an 8GB DDR4 memory with up to 16 hours of battery life.

Another affordable choice perfect for video editing and multimedia work is the ThinkPad E14 Gen 2. This laptop has the latest 11th generation Intel Core i3 processor that can reach up to 4.10GHz with a 14” FHD screen. The hard drive comes with 1TB of space with an Integrated Intel UHD graphics card.

These budget-conscious gems are video editing workhorses.

The Best Video Editing Laptops for High Demands

If finding the lowest price isn’t your main priority and you are looking to invest in a high performance laptop that can handle the most demanding video editing tasks for professional use, then the following three options will serve you the best.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold PC. The world’s 1st foldable laptop with dual screens, it is one of the best on the market equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor and a 13.3” 2K OLED touchscreen and resolution of 1536 x 2048 which allows it work well for high resolution editing. Its 8GB of memory and 1TB of hard drive space is perfect for larger video files, making this a worthwhile investment for video editing.

Another great laptop to consider for your editing projects, is the ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 with an 11th generation Intel Core i7 processor Its 14” FHD display produces up to 300 nits for improved brightness that enhances the details of the screen with 16GB and 4266MHz of memory along with 512GB of hard drive space.

Its Integrated intel® Iris® Xe graphics card gives it the best capabilities when it comes to high resolution video editing, and with the inbuilt Intel Evo platform, the ThinkPad T14s allows users to find the perfect balance between performance, battery life, responsiveness, and visual details.

One of the other best options for high demand video editing is the ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2 . This 2-in-1 laptop has the latest of the Intel Core i7 with vPro processors and an Integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics card. Its 16GB of memory allow it to easily process large quantities of data along with 1TB of hard drive space, and the 13.3” WUXGA touchscreen produces 500 nits for additional brightness that highlights the realistic colors and details of the screen.

The display of the ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2 features a 16:10 display all the way up to the WQXGA resolution, equivalent to 2560×1600 for some of the best visuals.

The ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 2 is a 2-in-1 laptop that has built in flexibility that allows it to function as a laptop or tablet where it can be folded over to create its own stand for better access and ergonomics when using the touchscreen.

Whether you are traveling, looking for a video editing laptop within a budget, or looking for the best investment that you can make to ensure that all of your video editing needs are met without any issue, there is something for everyone within our range at Although this is not a completely exhaustive guide, we hope that the above information provides the best recommendations for your needs, and since many of the above laptops feature model variations, you will likely find the perfect match.

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