• VMware

    Lenovo Support for VMware vRealize Orchestrator

    Lenovo Networking Plug-In for VMware vRealize Orchestrator enables you to:

    • Reduce new service delivery time on RackSwitch and Flex System networking devices
    • Leverage a comprehensive library of Lenovo Networking workflows and actions capturing network configuration best practices for rapid service orchestration
    • Implement more Lenovo switch configuration activity through vRealize Orchestrator and vCenter with less reliance upon native switch interfaces

    Solution Brief: VMware vRealize Orchestrator

    Solution Brief: Integrated Virtualization Solutions from Lenovo Networking and VMware

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    Lenovo Support for VMware vRealize Log Insight

    Lenovo Networking Content Pack for VMware vRealize Log Insight enables you to:

    • Increase network reliability by allowing system or network administrators to monitor networks that feature Lenovo branded RackSwitch or Flex System switches
    • Gain access to extremely detailed switch log entries to facilitate deep insights into the network status
    • Reduce initial provisioning time of Log Insight by using the 9 prebuilt dashboards and 12 predefined alarms featured in the pack

    Solution Brief: VMware vRealize Log Insight

    Solution Brief: Integrated Virtualization Solutions from Lenovo Networking and VMware

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    Lenovo Networking Bundle for VMware vRealize

    • Two unit sizes available: 1 switch & 250 switches
      • Example: If support for 15 switches is desired, order Qty 15 of the 1 switch offering
    • Three time coverage increments available: 1, 3 & 5 years
    • Sold through normal Lenovo Sales channels
    • Distributed through IBM Passport Advantage
    • The Networking Bundle covers:
      • Lenovo Networking Log Insight Content Pack
      • Lenovo Networking Orchestrator Plug-in
      • No need to buy Network Bundle twice if deploying both vRealize products
    • Terms of Service
      • Response is provided by next business day
      • Support provided during business hours Monday – Friday
      • Provides entitlement to software updates and patches during the contract period
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  • OpenStack

    OpenStack Plugins for Neutron* Dynamic Network VM Provisioning

    To enable rapid deployment of new services, Lenovo has developed an OpenStack Neutron plug-in that enables dynamic VLAN automation for Lenovo Networking Switches in an OpenStack Data Center Deployment.

    The Lenovo Networking Plug-In for OpenStack Neutron enables you to:

    • Manage all Lenovo Networking resources from a single dashboard
    • Provide seamless virtual machine mobility across the infrastructure with dynamic provisioning
    • Deploy a commercially developed and tested driver for networking equipment that provides the assurance of a reliable and scalable OpenStack infrastructure
    • Implement dynamic configuration of Layer 2 networks to reliably handle network connectivity of virtual workloads

    Learn more: OpenStack Open Source

    *Lenovo plugins are free; however, applications require a license purchased from the vendor.

    lenovo systems software systems management network management vmware
  • Monitoring

    Ganglia Monitoring System

    Ganglia is a BSD-licensed open-source distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems, such as clusters and grids.

    Lenovo Telemetry Analytics Tool: Ganglia Plugins

    Network telemetry support from Lenovo CNOS switches to the Ganglia Monitoring System for the following use cases:

    1. Congestion detection. Provide in-depth insights on network congestion at various stages including device, interface and traffic type along with class-of-service.
    2. Data center planning. Identify network bandwidth requirement by long-term monitoring of switch hardware resource utilization.
    3. Streaming telemetry. Streaming telemetry providing real time monitoring data with asynchronous reporting. Provides REST APIs to support latest cloud data center and analytics eco-system.

    Note: Telemetry Analytics Tool: Ganglia Plugins requires the Ganglia Monitoring System version 3.7.2.

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    Observium Network Management and Monitoring

    Observium is an auto-discovering network monitoring platform supporting a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems including Lenovo, Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, F5, Brocade, Citrix Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium seeks to provide a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network. Observium works with Lenovo CNOS switches using the built-in SNMP interface. There is no plugin required.

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  • XClarity

    Lenovo XClarity Administrator - Manage Your Lenovo Data Center

    XClarity manages Lenovo data center products centrally with device discovery, alarm reporting and key configuration and control functionality. XClarity features for Lenovo networking include:

    Hardware provisioning and lifecycle management
    1 Auto-discovery and asset management

    Simplified setup of management system
    Centralized visualization of summary and detailed system status and asset information including warranty

    2 Real-time monitoring and fault handling

    Forward alerts and notifications to individuals and/or external IT applications for event consolidation

    Predictive Failure Analytics proactive identification of impending hardware faults

    Automatically call open and open service tickets with Support

    3 Policy-based firmware updates

    Centrally define, apply, and track firmware level policies

    Immediately get notified when systems deviate from policies

    4 Configuration backup and restore Centrally store and manage switch configurations
    5 Port control Centrally turn switch ports on and off
    6 Power control Centrally turn switch power on and off
    1 External LDAP integration Authenticate users with Microsoft Active Directory Server
    2 External SAMLE identity provider integration Authenticate users with Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services for single-sign on and multi-factor authentication
    3 NIST and FIPS-142 compliance Enable even stronger encryption with managed endpoints
    4 Encapsulation Establish a tamper-proof audit trail of user activity
    1 REST APIs and Integrators

    Extend standardized data center management processes to infrastructure

    Accelerate delivery of resources, transform resources into services, reduce wasted time and missed hand-offs

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