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MyLenovo Rewards

Rewards programs are everywhere now. But, what separates the MyLenovo rewards program from the rest of the rewards programs out there? MyLenovo Rewards not only give you points on every purchase you make on the site, when you are redeeming your points you can combine the price reduction the points give you. You can combine your points with the LenvovPro discounts, teacher discount, student discount, or the first responder discount. You can even pair it with the VISA gift card that your receive from trading in your electronics from the Lenovo Trade In Program.

All of these programs are designed to save you as much money as possible. The discounts that you get for being part of a line of professionals or getting your education won’t send you any unsolicited marketing material. The only marketing emails you will get from ID.me discounts are the ones that you signed up for directly. The MyLenovo Rewards program will also not flood your inbox with nonstop marketing emails. You will get notified about upcoming promotions for double or triple points or holiday sales that are on the way where you can maximize the use of your points that you have accrued in the last few months.


How Does MyLenovo Rewards Work?

Registering for the MyLenovo Rewards program is easy and free. All you have to do is click on the gift on the top of the site and then press the “Join or Sign in” button and then enter in your information and you are ready to start earning rewards on every single purchase you make. There is also not a minimum purchase requirement to earn points and you receive 3-9% of your purchase back in rewards points. You can use these points to buy a new top of the line desktop or you can use them to buy a new mouse or other accessory that you need to upgrade your home office or gaming set up.

All you have to do is sign into your account when you come to Lenovo.com and then shop as normal. You earn points on every purchase you make from Lenovo sites. That means you get points from the Lenovo outlet, other Lenovo stores, and the main site Lenovo.com. The exchange rate of your points from your MyLenovo Rewards points are every 1000 points is equal to one dollar. The points will add up so you have nothing to worry about for them to really start accruing and getting you a substantial discount on your purchase. There are even promotions done on the site that double or triple the amount of rewards points you get from your purchases. You will get your rewards in your account about 24 hours from your time of purchase and once you are ready you can redeem your rewards to pay for almost everything in your order. The only thing that your rewards points can’t be used to pay for are expedited shipping and taxes on the purchase.

Now you might be wondering if your rewards expire if you don’t use them. You rewards do expire but not in a short amount of time. You can save your rewards for six months if you want to make a larger purchase not only have to worry about paying for the shipping and the tax on that purchase. The more and more points you accrue the bigger the discount you are going to get when you do redeem them. If you wanted to redeem enough points to get a significant discount on a workstation that will handle the daily stresses of your job with no problems at all or a new gaming PC that will come out of the box ready to handle the best new games at some of the best resolutions and frame rates.


Deals and Rewards

When you are buying new laptops, desktops, or other electronics to earn rewards with the MyLenovo Rewards program you don’t have to go after the products that have no discounts on them at all. You can still earn points by making purchases on the deals pages. Not only will you be saving money on new top of the line technology like a laptop, desktop, workstation, gaming PC, or monitor you will be earning points so you can reduce the cost of your next purchase as well.

Lenovo knows that staying up to date on new technology gets expensive after a while that is why you can find the best top of the line technology there with brands like ThinkPad and Legion and IdeaPad available with great discounts.


Combining Promotions with Your Rewards

The VISA gift card that you receive from trading in your electronics and helping build more sustainable technology is usable anywhere. When you use the gift card on Lenovo.com you can combine it with any promotion on the site. You can pair it with the MyLenovo Rewards program by using the points you have accumulated from your other purchases to reduce the cost of your upgrade purchase and to reduce it even further simply add the VISA gift card into the credit card section and the money on the gift card will reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket.

Why stop at just combining your trade in value with the MyLenovo Rewards program? Lenovo offers amazing discounts to almost everyone on the site. If you are a student, a teacher, a first responder, or even a medical professional you can get an extra percentage off your purchases when you are upgrading your technology. There are some exclusions when it comes to using the discounts that you get from all of the other great discount programs that Lenovo offers.


The Lenovo Advantage

Lenovo understands that the top of the line machines do not come at a low price but if you are part of certain groups you can get a percentage off at checkout. If you are a teacher looking for a more powerful machine, a first responder on the hunt for a laptop that can handle all the stress of your job, a doctor looking to have a computer that can handle all of your patient’s charts and information, or a student about to graduate and needing to upgrade to a better laptop than the one that carried you to your degree. When you get to check out you can confirm that you are part of these groups by going to ID.me and confirming your identity. You do not have to worry about getting unwanted emails from confirming your identity. ID.me will only send you marketing emails and promotional emails that you have explicitly signed up for and won’t send any emails that you don’t want.



The MyLenovo rewards program is here to help you save as much money as possible. Joining the program and earning points is incredibly easy. All you have to do is enter in your information and start making purchases on the site. These points can be stored for a period of six months before they start to expire and every 1000 points you earn can be redeemed for one dollar off of your purchase. You have no minimum purchase requirement to use the points and they can be used to pay for everything but the sales tax and expedited shipping. The benefits of the points do not stop there. They can be paired with the discount acquired from being either a medical professional, first responder, teacher, or student. All you have to do to have those discounts applied to your order is to verify your identity on ID.me and once you come back to the cart they will automatically be applied and then you can redeem your points to drop the cost of your purchase even more. If that wasn’t enough savings for you if you trade in your older electronics and they meet the qualifications of the Trade In Program you will receive a VISA gift card that can be used on your purchase to get the most savings possible out of your order.

Start earning points now and adding them to Lenovo’s other promotions to save as much money as possible when you are upgrading you electronics or accessories for your home office or gaming set up.

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