Lenovo desktops: Low prices, great selection – delivered to your door

The trouble with shopping for desktop PCs at a computer store is that there are so few models on display. The focus is more on portable devices, leaving desktop buyers little to choose from. But when you shop online at Lenovo, you see our entire desktop line-up – with free shipping and returns, too.

So when you search for “desktops near me,” don’t forget about Lenovo. Our ThinkCentre, Legion and IdeaCentre desktops and towers are popular the world over, and we deliver – directly to your doorstep. In-stock models often ship the same day you order them, and custom models don’t take much longer.

Desktops near me: Lenovo mail-order is free, fast and secure

We’re not right next door, but we might as well be. With Lenovo, you can have the latest desktop and tower PCs shipped to you – free, fast and secure. No crowds. No pushy sales people. And prices that are always hard to beat, especially when you shop during one of our frequent sales.

Today’s desktop buyers love Lenovo mail-order. Here’s why:

  • It's free: Lenovo offers free standard shipping(1) -- and free returns(2) -- on nearly every product we sell, including our high-performance desktops. And you won’t pay a re-stocking fee unless a package is returned as undeliverable.
  • It's easy: When you shop at Lenovo, we display your estimated ship date based on availability or production time (if you're buying a custom model). So even before you buy, you know roughly when your new desktop or tower will arrive.
  • It's fast: With Lenovo, free standard delivery orders typically arrive 4-9 days after your estimated ship date. Or you can select an expedited delivery option to get your new PC even faster. The choice is yours.
  • It's secure: Lenovo partners with UPS, one of the most reliable shippers in the industry. UPS policy requires a signature for delivery, so you’ll get peace of mind knowing your new desktop or tower won't be left unattended.

In addition, you can check your order status online whenever you wish. And you can register for text alerts so you’ll be notified of any changes or shipping updates.

Desktops near me: High-performing Lenovo PCs delivered to your door

Need a new desktop or tower PC? Need it quickly? Then Lenovo is the place to shop. Our generous shipping and return policies make us easier to work with than some local stores – and you’ll never have to leave your home or office.

Plus, you get to choose from one of the deepest PC line-ups in the industry. Affordable models for the family. Score-boosting gaming systems. Performance PCs for business. Availability and delivery times will vary, but Lenovo has it all.

ThinkCentre desktop PCs for home, school and office

There’s good reason ThinkCentre is one of the most respected names in PC technology: These best-selling desktops and towers offer the processing and graphics power you need to get things done, whether at the office, school or home. And thanks to multiple ports and connectivity options, it’s easy to connect your monitor, speakers, game controllers and other critical peripherals.

  • ThinkCentre Towers: Built for business but popular for home and school use, too, ThinkCentre tower PCs are up to any task. The roomy tower form factor makes it easy to install upgrades on your own – and keeps your CPU and other vital components running cool.
  • ThinkCentre Small Form Factor: If your desk is already cluttered with a monitor, keyboard and various PC accessories, consider a ThinkCentre Small Form Factor desktop. It’s got a compact, minimalist design that fits just about anywhere.
  • ThinkCentre All-in-Ones: For that clean-desktop look, a ThinkCentre All-in-One could be the solution. The PC, monitor and speakers are built into a single, streamlined unit that’s not much bigger than a standard display. Cable management is easier, too.

Want something even smaller? There’s our full-featured but ultra-compact ThinkCentre Tiny Series. Or try the ThinkCentre Nano Series.

Powerful, stylish IdeaCentre desktop PCs

IdeaCentre desktop PCs stand out – and not just because they look so good. They’re powerful. Versatile, too: you can pick from traditional lay-flat models, space-saving towers or all-in-ones. Best of all, Lenovo builds IdeaCentre desktops to fit any budget – from economy models to premium ones.

  • IdeaCentre 300 Series desktops: Mixing top performance with a narrow, fit-anywhere profile, IdeaCentre 300 Series desktop PCs are found in offices, dormitories and family rooms around the world. Software runs smoothly and there’s tons of storage for projects, photos, etc.
  • IdeaCentre 500 Series desktops: For the most demanding work tasks (or game environments), Lenovo offers IdeaCentre 500 Series towers and mini-desktops. You get the latest CPUs and graphics, and there are plenty of ports for high-res displays, controllers and more.
  • IdeaCentre All-in-Ones: Lenovo’s IdeaCentre All-in-Ones combine stylish looks with the latest components and features users demand. The PC, display and speakers are housed in a single unit that fits anywhere and helps eliminate cable clutter in your workspace.

IdeaCentre towers and desktops from Lenovo are popular around the world – known for both high style and top performance. Plus, they’re highly affordable – and who doesn’t like a good deal?

Legion gaming desktop PCs to lift your game

Today’s best gaming PCs are powered by the fastest processors and graphics cards and have a look that turns heads – with colorful lighting effects, see-through side panels, and more. And Lenovo Legion gaming desktops and towers lead the way. They’re highly popular, not only for competitive gaming but for office and school work, too.

  • Legion T Series gaming towers: Top-rated gaming desktops deliver savage power on the inside and greats looks on the outside. Legion T Series towers stand out thanks to both their high-performance gaming components and colorful, immersive lighting effects.
  • Legion C Series gaming cubes: With an innovative square design, Legion C Series gaming cubes pack today’s best CPUs and graphics in a compact gaming PC that’s easy to take with you. And the transparent top panel and system lighting show off the power within.

Whether you use it strictly for gaming or for work or school, too, there’s a lot to love in a Lenovo Legion gaming desktop or tower. They’re up to any task – and your scores should improve, too!

High-performance ThinkStation desktop workstations

ThinkStation desktop workstations are built for the most demanding workloads, whether you’re an engineer, mathematician, CAD expert or video editor. They’re valued by IT professionals worldwide because they’re equipped with the latest CPUs and most responsive graphics on the market.

  • ThinkStation P Series desktop workstations: Available in both dual and single-processor models, ThinkStation P Series workstations are routinely listed among the best in industry. In fact, each system is ISV-certified to run today’s most intensive applications.

Looking for something different in a workstation? Try one of Lenovo’s compact models. Both our P Series Tiny and P Series Small Form Factor models pack loads of power in small, fit-anywhere frames.

Desktops near me: Why shop at Lenovo rather than a local PC store?

Lenovo’s free shipping(1) and free return(2) policies make it your hassle-free, “near you” desktop and tower PC store. By shopping online, you skip the high prices and long lines at the local computer store – and your new PC is delivered to your door, often in just a few days.

Still, there’s much more to Lenovo than cost-savings and convenience. Here are some of the other reasons we sell millions of direct-to-you desktop PCs each year:

  • Selection in-store retailers can't beat: When you shop online with Lenovo, you can view every desktop and tower we sell and choose the EXACT model you need. No brick-and-mortar retailer can match our deep selection of top-quality PCs: traditional lay-flat desktops, stand-up tower models, space-saving all-in-one systems, and more.
  • Low prices whenever you shop: The Lenovo website always has at least a few sale-priced desktop PCs available -- and the deals are even better during our frequent special sales (Back to School, Black Friday, etc.). Or check out our Clearance page, with great offers on high performing models we're phasing out.
  • Off-the-shelf or custom-built: Lenovo offers both pre-configured and customizable PCs. A pre-configured desktop or tower will be on its way to you fast -- sometimes within hours. Or you can "build your own" PC by adding more RAM or storage, a higher performing processor, etc.
  • Standard and extended warranties: Like all our products, Lenovo desktops and towers carry some of the best standard warranties in the business, giving you that all-important peace of mind with whatever you buy. Or, for even more protection, we offer optional, extended warranties (up to three years).
  • Support before and after you buy: Just like in a store, Lenovo customer care experts can work with you via phone or chat to find the right desktop PC at the right price. Then, after you buy, help is available 24/7/365, either by working with our tech support team or using our online solution database.

It’s clear. You can’t beat the quality, variety and support you’ll get with a worldwide PC leader like Lenovo. And with our fast, free shipping and easy returns, it’s almost like we built a Lenovo desktop PC warehouse right there near your home or office.

(1) Read our Shipping FAQs for everything you need to know about Lenovo's shipping policies and practices.

(2) Read our Returns and Cancellations FAQs for full details. Generally, free returns are available within 30 calendar days of the date of invoice (not applicable to purchases from Lenovo.com Outlet or for server/storage products, digital gaming products or order quantities greater than 5).