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Shop Gaming Monitors

Lenovo.com offers the best gaming monitors. They have high refresh rate and come in a variety of resolutions to meet all your gaming needs.

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What are Legion’s best gaming monitors?

Which Legion gaming PC monitor should you choose? One size doesn’t fit every gamer. A monitor can make your break your experience when you game. If you get a monitor that doesn’t fit your needs then you will be left with a subpar gaming experience. So, that’s why Lenovo offers a broad assortment of gaming monitors that feature only the industry’s best tech. We offer monitors with high refresh rates, ultrawide, curved, and G sync monitors. Get help deciding what game display is right for your style of play (or your setup). Our Lenovo FAQ section can help you decide what’s the best gaming monitor for you. Or, keep reading and discover our gaming computer monitors by feature.

What is the best monitor? That is going to depend on what you need a monitor for and what you need it to do. Do you want one with smooth visuals or one with a quick response time, so when you input a command you see that input on the screen the second you do it? Or, are you looking for an ultrawide curved gaming monitor that will suck you into another world and not break your immersion from the game? Lenovo has a monitor for every gamer and a monitor that will fit into every need.

High refresh rate monitors for gaming and beyond

If you’re over low framerates (we know, it’s annoying) then you need a monitor with a higher refresh rate. Each and every Lenovo gaming monitor has what you need to maximize your FPS while gaming. With a minimum of 144hz (with select 240hz gaming monitors available) of FPS-boosting power in each Legion monitor, Lenovo can help you avoid those dreaded low-FPS levels. Check out one of our top 144hz monitors, the Lenovo G34w-10, today!

If you want to go even higher in the refresh rate you can look at 240 and 360 Hz monitors. By taking the refresh rate higher you won’t have to deal with losing frames at all. With these monitors you won’t have to worry about losing frames and having your immersion in the game ruined. You will constantly see smooth visuals with high frames.

1ms gaming monitor

When you can’t suffer another defeat due to input lag, you’ll want to consider upgrading to a monitor with unsurpassed response time. Look to the Lenovo Y27q-20 gaming monitor. At a whopping 27 inches and with a brilliant QHD, anti-glare display, you won’t have to worry about missing a detail (or a sneaky opponent). And with its unsurpassed 1ms response time, you’ll be as close to the moment as any monitor will allow while leaving your enemies a step or two behind.

We all have those days where the sun is coming into the room at just the wrong angle where you are getting the light into your room but all of it is landing onto your screen and obstructing your view. With these monitors that is a thing of the past. The anti-glare display makes sure that your visuals are always crystal clear and you can see everything and your focus is unbroken. The response time will make sure you are seeing the input in game as quickly as you are doing the action. If you need to roll out of the way or finish off an enemy you are going to see the action on screen as quickly as you hit the buttons you need to. 

Curved gaming monitors

Lenovo Legion has curved monitors for gaming that place you central to the action. These wide or ultrawide gaming monitors offer increased viewing areas while subtly curving that additional horizontal screen space into your viewing range – so that nothing on-screen escapes your attention, or your wrath. Check out our Lenovo Y44w-10 gaming monitor if you’re outfitting the ultimate game room. It’s ultrawide HDR panel is a stunning 44 inches.

Curved monitors bring the immersion levels as high as they go. Wrapping around you to fully bring you into the game. You get all the display you need to see everything without having to get a second monitor and play around any breaks or black lines in-between the screens. Even the most edgeless design when you put it next to another one is going to give you a line that you will have to work around. Using an ultrawide curved monitor alleviates that problem entirely.

Adaptive G Sync monitors and more

Select Lenovo Legion monitors feature AMD FreeSync technology that helps reduce or even eliminate annoying screen tearing or stuttering – ensuring your visual experience is as smooth as your graphics card allows. Likewise, select G Sync compatible monitors, powered by NVIDIA, help to synchronize your refresh rates with your graphics card to help eliminate screen tearing, stuttering, and input lag.

Legion monitors spare no expense in bringing the latest visual tech and software to power up your game. Our up to 240hz and gaming monitors work to refresh your display’s image more quickly, so that you can better keep up with action. And our 1ms gaming monitors leave unacceptable input lag in the rearview. We even have HDR gaming monitors that alter in-game lighting to photorealistic levels.

You won’t be able to tell the difference between the real world and the game when you are using these monitors for your game. The quick response time and the reduction of screen tearing make your visuals extra smooth and clear. You will have the best gaming experience possible using a G sync monitor.

Gaming monitor vs TV

TVs have long been the preferred display for console gamers, and for good reason – it’s easier to lounge back and relax with a controller in hand than it is when hunching over a mouse and keyboard. A comfy couch and big display several feet away is the natural way to play for console gamers. Not to mention coming with a built in sound system everything is there for what they need. Console gamers don’t need to worry about the differences in refresh rate and response time that PC gamers do.

But most PC gamers have long known that in terms of performance you simply can’t beat a proper gaming monitor, and it’s worth the tradeoff. And even a lot of console players have started to pick up on the benefits and switched over to a gaming monitor.

While there are more TVs out there that are capable of reaching a level of graphical brilliance that many gaming monitors still don’t offer, performance for PC gamers is largely the more important factor, and that’s where gaming monitors shine.

Most gaming monitors can reach up to FHD or QHD levels of resolution, which is pretty close to the standard 4K visuals most TVs now feature (and more 4K gaming monitors are popping up every day). But for the tradeoff in visuals, gaming monitors more commonly offer smoother visuals, with less screen tear and distortion, as well as faster response times. Response times dictate how fast the action takes place on the display in front of you once you’ve pressed a key or button. And gaming monitor response times commonly hover around the 1ms mark, meaning that to the human eye, there is essentially no delay from input to movement. 1ms rates on a TV are all but nonexistent, meaning most TVs are going to suffer from poor response times and show some smearing when fast action is taking place on the screen. TVs also commonly lack a DisplayPort, which allows displays to reach a higher bandwidth than HDMI allows. So, if your goal is to compete above the rest, a great gaming monitor will ensure that input lag isn’t the reason you and your buddies.

Getting the best sound in your gaming set-up

From casual levels of play to the peak of e-sports competition, at least one thing is synonymous: sound is of the utmost importance for gamers of all levels. At Lenovo, we provide the top-rated wireless gaming headsets for a smooth gaming experience. Our wireless gaming headsets are designed to maximize the efficiency of sound input and output during your games, giving you everything you need to become a pro gamer.

Headsets bring you into the game. With noise canceling and feeding the sound directly to you there is no way to get distracted and miss a way to win. Your immersion won’t be broken from any outside noises from your refrigerator or your front door.

Our top gaming headsets PS4 or Xbox come with an integrated microphone with the finest sound input settings. From noise cancellation features to a soft and comfortable design, there's nothing our top gaming headsets don't offer!

Game in Comfort

Whether you are gaming for a short time to wind down before going to bed or you are a professional and streaming for long periods of time you need to do that in comfort and in style. Getting a gaming chair is the way to go. They are designed to help you not get tired when sitting for long periods of time and help your posture with details like lumbar support pillows and headrest pillows. They take the strain off your spine and let the chair take your body weight. This will allow you to sit properly and reduce the amount of times you will need to get up to stretch and help with you back fatigue from poor sitting posture. Lenovo has Realspace and AKRacing brands to choose from and they come in two distinct styles. Relspace chairs look more like traditional office chairs while still providing all the support of a gaming chair. AKRacing chairs have that traditional gaming chair look styled after bucket seats in cars.

A gaming chair will help you enjoy your set up for long periods of time without the feeling of fatigue you would get from a normal office chair. With two amazing styles to choose from Lenovo.com has a gaming chair that will fit every person’s needs.

Getting the Best Tech and Keeping the Planet Green

When the time comes to replace your gaming chair or any of the other pieces of your gaming set up you can look to Lenovo to make upgrading easy and affordable. With the Trade In Program you can trade in any electronics that meet the qualifications and you will receive a VISA gift card that you can use anywhere, but if you are trading in an electronic why not use it where you are and upgrade to a new part or device? The Trade In Program helps you save money while saving the planet from more technology waste.

When you are deciding that it is time for an upgrade make sure you look at the Trade In Program from Lenovo and get a VISA gift card that you can use on your upgrade as well as the knowledge that you are taking an active role in Lenovo’s effort to reduce unnecessary technology waste from getting into the environment.

Get Rewards for Your Purchases

The MyLenovo rewards program is here to make upgrading your set up as easy as possible. When you sign up for the MyLenovo rewards program you start getting points on every single purchase made on the site. That can be for monitors, headsets, chairs, or any other accessory that you may need. Once you have gotten enough points you can redeem them on another purchase to receive a discount that is able to be paired with other discounts on the site while some exclusions are going to apply to items already on a very steep discount or clearance items.

Signing up for the MyLenovo Rewards program helps you to keep your set up performing at the highest level without breaking the bank. With the added bonus of the discount being able to be paired with other amazing discounts on the site helps you stay with top of the line equipment for your gaming set up without having to pay the top of the line prices. 

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