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Business Applications

Business Applications

Streamline operations, automate tasks, and gain agility to make your business more competitive with Lenovo Business Applications on your side. Lenovo provides platforms with one-click simplicity and fast deployments that can easily and conveniently give you the edge you need to get ahead.


Run your business better with Lenovo

Deploy market-leading business applications on quick, dependable Lenovo infrastructure to increase efficiency, foster creativity, and spur profitable development. We offer resilient, scalable systems with large memory and storage capacity that runs the most crucial workloads and demanding applications when business demands it. By handling end-to-end architecture, hardware installation, data transfer, and system deployment, we have created the finest solutions to bring you from where you are to where you want to be.


Line icon of cloud-ready systems

Modern IT infrastructure

Support your applications on cloud-ready systems or pay-as-you-go Lenovo TruScale IaaS.
Line icon of Secure and reliable data

Secure and reliable

Safeguard data while meeting regulatory compliance on the top x86 platform for reliability.
Line icon of Agile and scalable systems

Agile and scalable

Be more responsive with high-performance systems that can scale as your business grows.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain technology promises to improve many aspects of how organizations conduct business, from better supply chain tracking to increased confidence in digital transactions to a lower risk of tampering, counterfeiting, or other fraudulent activity. The Lenovo Blockchain solution combines the reliability of ThinkSystem servers with Hyperledger Fabric software to provide a transaction data record that is transparent and unchangeable.

food transport, scanning a package

Hyperledger Fabric on ThinkSystem

Best practices for implementing Hyperledger Fabric Software on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.
digital chains

Blockchain Technology for Business

Discover how Lenovo and other companies are using Blockchain to improve their operations

SAP application solutions

Lenovo SAP solutions and services provide an optimized infrastructure platform for your SAP applications, enabling your organization to align and integrate processes, automate tasks, and deliver exceptional customer experiences to increase the value of your business.

System-performance visibility, in real time

Enterprise solutions with SAP S/4HANA and Business Suite

Lenovo solutions for SAP S/4HANA and Business Suite applications allow you to run core business processes efficiently and effectively.
Two business people in conversation

Small business solutions with SAP Business One

Lenovo solutions for SAP Business One enable smaller businesses and subsidiaries to streamline end-to-end processes and accelerate growth.
Business people collaborating in office environment

Lenovo Solutions for SAP HANA

Accelerate decision making. Drive your business forward with a system that can handle your SAP HANA requirements today and scale for future growth.


Assorted Lenovo ThinkSystem servers

Lenovo ThinkSystem

High-performance, ultra-reliable server, and storage systems for businesses of all sizes supporting SAP appliance and TDI environments.
Front view of Lenovo ThinkAgile system

Lenovo ThinkAgile

Hyperconverged infrastructure based on VMware, Microsoft, or Nutanix virtualization enabling hybrid cloud environments.
Front view of Lenovo ThinkEdge system

Lenovo ThinkEdge

A complete line of compact Edge servers designed to meet remote location needs, built with optimal security and processing power.
TruScale IaaS

Lenovo TruScale IaaS

Delivers the power and strategic advantage of the latest datacenter hardware thought a pay-as-you-go business model that is flexible and scalable.


Two business people talking

TruScale Infrastructure Services

Lenovo TruScale is an as-a-service, cloud-like experience with on-prem security and control. It scales very easily, to give you all the power and strategic advantage of the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model.
Lenovo Data Center racks

Professional Services

We’ll design the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to be by manging end-to-end architecture, hardware installation, data migration, and system deployment, accelerating your time to productivity and maximizing your ROI.
Help desk experts wearing headsets

Support Services

Enjoy one-call support with Premier Support warranty upgrades and extensions. For more complex issues, a Technical Account Manager with in-depth expertise, serves as a single point of accountability for all your infrastructure services.
Segmented circle

Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services helps businesses like yours, to gain better performance, limited downtime and peace of mind. With a tailored service, you control and predict your costs and improve system availability and capacity, while reducing your operating expenses.

Planning your next IT project?

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