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IT workers engaged in edge-ai solutions

Faster & smarter business insights with agile computing at the Edge

Solving real-world challenges is easier with robust infrastructure solutions from Lenovo.

No matter where you are on your Edge-to-Cloud journey, we can streamline the most complex data to make decisions quickly, and with a higher level of confidence.

Powerful computing on-demand

It’s what happens when your network works for you

  • IT is no longer confined to standalone data centers. It’s distributed across a mix of on-premises servers, public cloud, and an increasing share of infrastructure at the edge.
  • Most analysts predict Edge computing to be the fastest-growing segment in the industry, with IDC predicting that 50% of new enterprise IT infrastructure will be at the Edge by 2023.


  • One of the most significant opportunities for IT decision-makers is deciding how to harness their data from Edge to Cloud. This challenge is a shift from the classic data center architecture to a data-centric environment — essentially, bringing the computing to the data vs. the data to the computing.
  • Lenovo's ThinkEdge portfolio has purpose-built devices designed to be networked on-premises. Or embedded in solutions, to give you the advantage in performance, security, and scalability.

LOC-A: Lenovo Open Cloud Automation

Customers who leverage Edge computing can face challenges around the full Edge implementations they need because the path to success can be complex, expensive, and resource-heavy. They have the inability to scale device onboarding, they lack the resources to plan travel logistics and the budget to pay for the related expenses, and they can be short on the skillsets and the personnel needed in today’s challenged work environments. Previously, administrators had to either pre-load software in a factory, which is very inflexible, or install software images one-at-a-time at staging areas, making it logistically very complex, prone to error, time-consuming, and increasing the carbon footprint with all the equipment moving from location to location.

LOC-A is a software solution that helps customers simplify and accelerate edge deployments for any number of locations at once—quickly, consistently, and automatically. Near zero-touch provisioning from a smart phone, tablet or laptop saves time, allows for a consistent and streamlined installation process, and virtually eliminates the need for location travel, greatly reducing carbon footprint.

The right Edge infrastructure solution for your unique business needs

Abstracted image of ThinkEdge SE10 Series in a digital environment

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE10 Series

Handle all your real-time data aggregation and processing with higher performance options for superior computational capabilities at the Edge.
Front, angled view of Lenovo ThinkEdge SE30

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE30

The SE30 tackles tasks in demanding environments and is ideal for industrial computing and high-speed DDR4 memory.
Lenovo ThinkEdge SE50

Lenovo ThinkEdge SE50

Get greater performance solutions to manage all your real-time data aggregation and processing for enhanced Edge computing capabilities.
Lenovo ThinkEdge Servers

Lenovo ThinkEdge Servers

Built with the unique requirements for Edge servers to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options.

Explore Lenovo solutions for an ever-expanding business

Regardless of your transformation goals, Lenovo offers a smooth path to get there and beyond

Woman looking at digital twin

Lenovo AI for All

Taking Analytics & AI from research to reality. We’ve simplified the adoption process, with optimized infrastructure, proven expertise, and pre-validated solutions, to power your enterprise.

Lenovo TruScale for Edge and AI

Enjoy the advantages of the latest Lenovo ThinkEdge hardware and services through a pay-as-you-go model.
Girl in airplane using edge technology

Edge Computing

Our Edge solutions are rugged, reliable, and ready to help you get your business running on rails.
Woman looking at digital wall of code

Multi cloud solutions

Drive agility and scalability with the right cloud strategy and Lenovo multi cloud solutions.

Edge computing in action

Fueling convenience & experience

Fueling convenience & experience

Emirates National Oil Corporation (ENOC) is ushering in a new era of Edge distribution and data by leveraging Edge servers to get real-time insights.
Abstract Digital rendering of edge computing

Cross-industry insights

Insight is a premier Lenovo solutions integrator that helps its clients around the globe harness the huge potential of Edge computing.
Aerial view of Barcelona, suggesting edge technology

A smart city gets even smarter

Barcelona is expanding its Edge technology commitment to improve residents’ quality of life with increased public safety to easier shopping experiences.

Unlocking possibilities

See how Lenovo’s broad portfolio of smarter technology solutions empower a global workforce thrive.

Man and woman in conference room


Bold, integrated as a service solution to ignite your business strategy.
Man and woman in conference room with video call ongoing

Digital Workplace Solutions

Empower your teams for productive hybrid work with complete digital workplace solutions.
Woman and man creating hybrid cloud solutions

Hybrid Cloud

Meet evolving market challenges with comprehensive hybrid cloud and business continuity solutions that optimize workloads and improve efficiency.
Smarter Services for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability Solutions

Support your organizational values and meet your environmental goals faster with energy efficient technology options and a host of powerful solutions you can implement today.

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Our open architecture enables you to choose the right cloud software partner for your organization and desired business outcomes with Lenovo as your convenient, global single source of accountability and support.

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