Smarter Infrastructure for the Data-Centered

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Smarter Infrastructure for the Data-Centered

Smarter Infrastructure for the Data-Centered

Data doesn’t transform the world. People do. Lenovo empowers the Data-Centered with the technology, tools, and partnership to build a smarter future for everyone.

Closing the gap

Ducati Corse uses transformational tech to win

In the world of MotoGP, the difference between winning and losing is measured in milliseconds. Discover how the partnership between Lenovo and Ducati Corse over the past five years culminated in the most successful MotoGP season in 2022.

Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SR650 servers, and edge and AI solutions powered by up to 4th Gen Intel ® Xeon ® Scalable processors optimized for faster analytics played a crucial role in marking a milestone in Ducati’s history, with the victory of the MotoGP Triple Crown.

The Data-Centered reimagine everything.

Dive into how the Data-Centered rethink the day-to-day to transform the world.

Protecting biodiversity: Lenovo ThinkEdge on Robinson Crusoe Island

Nearly 700 kilometers off the coast of Chile, an invasive species threatens to wipe out indigenous animal populations and mark another loss for biodiversity. But thanks to Lenovo Edge Computing Solutions and innovative thinking from Island Conservation, the tide is turning with advanced planning and research happening faster than ever before.

Powering perfect produce from field to fork

To deliver produce in the peak of perfection to everyone in Australia, Perfection Fresh needed help scaling its operation without sacrificing quality. So, it deployed a hyperconverged infrastructure solution with Lenovo's ThinkAgile servers. The result - 24/7 availability and resilience of its critical operational systems to track and process data from seed to store.

At the speed of technology – Leading innovation on the racetrack

Milliseconds matter for Dallara. Discover how Lenovo High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, powered by industry-leading 3 rdGen Intel®Xeon® Scalable processors, are pushing the pace of innovation all the way to the checkered flag.

The miracle machine – HPC for cancer drug discovery

Discover how Lenovo’s state-of-the-art Cannon supercomputer is empowering computer scientists, chemists, and physicians at a prestigious university in Massachusetts to develop bespoke treatments for cancer and other diseases.

Old World powered by the new

Learn how Lenovo’s Edge Computing solutions in partnership with the Barcelona City Council and Cellnex, is providing the springboard for Barcelona’s digital transformation.

Computing in the eye of the storm

Discover how Lenovo’s HPC solutions are equipping researchers at North Carolina State University to fight coastal erosion by understanding weather patterns.

Human-centered stories

Explore how the data-centered power smarter infrastructure solutions from edge to cloud.

Jagged island mountains and distant ocean view

Lenovo gives wildlife conservation an edge

Conservationists on a remote Pacific island off the coast of Chile have a new powerful ally in the fight to save it: Lenovo’s ThinkEdge servers! Discover how edge computing is giving conservationists the edge.

Ripe tomatoes on the vine

Powering perfect produce

When Perfection Fresh wanted to bring perfect produce to everyone in Australia, it needed help scaling its operation without sacrificing quality—so it deployed a hyperconverged infrastructure solution with Lenovo's ThinkAgile servers.

Travelers in a busy, large terminal

Accelerating the next generation of AI

Whether it’s checking in at the airport or checking out at the mall, AI at the edge is about to make your life much easier. Discover how the companies in the AI Innovators Program are leveraging Lenovo and Intel’s edge computing technology to make AI work for businesses and customers alike.


Smarter infrastructure for the Data-Centered

Discover the technology, tools and partnership you need to build a smarter future.

From AI to edge and cloud computing to storage solutions, our end-to-end solutions and services are designed to empower the Data-Centered. As your trusted partner, we use our reliable technology and real insights to help you push boundaries, improve your industry, and transform the world as we know it.

Intel, the Intel logo and Xeon are trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries.

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