What is a Tech Stack?

The term Tech Stack describes a group of apps, digital tools and platforms, vendors, data sources or programming languages that are combined to deliver a strategic business function – like “revenue generation” or “product development” or “customer experience”. A company will describe all of the tools used in marketing as a “Martech stack” – standing for “marketing technology stack”, or use “DevOps stack” for the apps used by the DevOps team to support engineering. Teams create tech stack diagrams using templates in Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe or Visio to share the tools used across their organization, similar to a having an org chart for software – the chart communicates the technology in different departments and business functions.

Lenovo Software, the enterprise software division of Lenovo, developed Lenovo AirStack to help teams and businesses visualize their tech stacks, share them across departments, and store knowledge about how to use technology to drive business objectives.

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