What are the best processors for gaming?

If you're a gamer and have asked yourself, “what kind of processor do I need?” it's important to realize that there is no one best processor for gaming. However, there are some key considerations when determining which processor is best for your gaming device. Speed, whether or not the chip can be overclocked, and the number of cores that are present are among the most important factors that gamers should look into. Keep these in mind when researching processors.

In general, CPUs with more cores will outperform those with less, and the faster the chipset is, the better. Paired with a solid graphics processor unit, the right CPU can ensure fast, smooth, uninterrupted gaming with excellent graphics. If you are a regular gamer, consider a quad- or even octa-core chip with fast processing speed. Though such performance may be unnecessary for the average user, it can help ensure your device is a capable gaming machine for years to come.

Once more, it comes down to the question: what processor do I need? The answer will differ for everyone, but if you're a gamer, you can't go wrong with a quad-core Intel or AMD chip. Ultimately, you should buy the most cores and fastest processor that your budget will allow.

How can I tell which processor a Lenovo gaming laptop or desktop has?

All of the information you need regarding the chipsets found in Lenovo's gaming laptops and gaming desktops can be found on the Series overview pages. Simply reference the bullet points below each laptop or desktop for key information on processors, memory, battery life, and more. This can provide you with the information you need to quickly filter out the laptops that don't suit your needs, so that you can look into those that do.

Once you have found a gaming PC that interests you, you'll find additional product details – including processor, memory, and storage information – on the individual product page. When viewing an individual laptop or desktop, look under the Specifications or Tech Specs section for in-depth details regarding key components. Here you will find information relating to all technical aspects of the device.

Finally, keep in mind that once you decide on a PC and add it to your cart, you can customize the processor on some laptop so that the device is better suited to your needs. You may choose to upgrade the processor, for example, to maximize the PC’s gaming potential, or install additional memory or storage. Lenovo makes it easy for gamers to create a device that is capable of running the latest titles without any drop in performance.

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