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Locate, lock, delete data, and recover your lost PC

Enforce security configurations remotely and help secure your PC and data with Lenovo Smart Lock Services, a cloud-based security software powered by Absolute®.

Learn more >

Smarter helps shield your
device from the unknown

Privacy Scan Icon

Locate my Lenovo

Track the last known location of Lenovo PC in real-time using a combination of technologies.

Dashboard Icon

Remote Lock

Restrict unauthorized access to your device and data and set a lock code.

Monitor Icon

Data Wipe

Remotely delete all files from your laptop and help better protect your sensitive data.

Privacy Scan Icon

Recover Device

Leverage Absolute’s acclaimed PC theft recovery team to help track and recover your PC.

Dashboard Icon

Remote Management App

Easily locate, lock, and delete your sensitive data with just a few swipes through a secure mobile app

Monitor Icon

Service Guarantee

Get up to $2000 with our Service Guarantee1 if your PC is not recovered within 60 days.

Watch Lenovo Smart Lock Services in action to know more

Help alleviate worry of data and identity theft from loss of device while receiving top-notch security for your PC. Monitor your device's whereabouts anytime, anywhere, and remotely delete your personal data to help prevent identity theft.

Ready to create a strong line of defense for your device?

Already own a Lenovo device and want theft protection for your PC? Learn how Lenovo Smart Lock Services can help secure your PC.

Get started >

Looking for a new device? Choose from Lenovo’s world-class line of laptops and add Smart Lock Services for better protection.

Explore Lenovo PCs >
Need help on getting started with Lenovo Smart Lock Services? Contact us now >

Applicable Brands: compatible with any Windows device including Lenovo Desktops and Notebooks.

Footnotes and disclaimer:

Lenovo Smart Lock is not a monitored security system and does not store any personal information of the user such as location, or personal data.

1- Customers will be eligible for a Service Guarantee of up to $2000 in local currency from Absolute® only if the laptop was stolen within the Service Guarantee territories - USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Limitations apply; see link here for full terms and conditions.

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