Absolute Resilience - 60 個月期限 - 1-2499 單位數量
Absolute Resilience - 60 個月期限 - 1-2499 單位數量


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Absolute Resilience - 60 個月期限 - 1-2499 單位數量 TOP
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    Absolute Resilience™

    Adds capabilities on top of the Absolute Control bundle to ensure devices are self-aware of the environment and resilient to changes, even allowing to self-heal mission-critical applications.

    Why Absolute? Absolute's unique position in a Lenovo device's firmware provides an undeletable line of defense that can self-heal to ensure always-on visibility and control over your endpoints. It can extend the self-healing capability to third-party applications to ensure maximum security and uncompromised productivity.

    What is Absolute Resilience? Absolute Persistence™ technology is embedded in Lenovo devices. Once activated, this technology is fiercely resilient and is the only solution to survive attempts to disable it, even if the device is re-imaged, the hard drive is replaced, or the firmware is flashed. No other technology can do this. Leveraging this capability, Absolute Resilience helps you to enforce security standards, detect security incidents, respond to threats and vulnerabilities, as well as successfully recover from incidents.

    Harden your endpoints to ensure maximum security and uncompromised productivity • Make your mission-critical applications indestructable by extending Absolute's self-healing capabilities, granting them the power to heal and reinstall themselves whenever they’re disabled, altered, or uninstalled. • Know when sensitive data is at risk by scanning for sensitive data like financial information, social security numbers, PHI, and intellectual property. • Send secure messages and instructions straight to your end user's device to assist with remediation efforts. • Query and remediate your whole device fleet to gather precise contextual insights. Address dark endpoints, ransomware attacks, and other vulnerabilities with automation and custom or pre-built workflows. • Let the Absolute Investigations team lead the search for your lost or stolen devices. They’ll pair up with local law enforcement to recover your hardware.

    Key Capabilities of Absolute Control • All Absolute Control capabilities plus • Make critical applications self-healing. • Leverage secure, on-device end user communications to provide helpful instructions to your employees on how to deal with an incident or how to help with mitigation efforts. • Remotely scan for sensititive data (e.g., PII, PHI, PFI, SSN, and intellectual property) to mitigate associated risk. • Assess and take remedial action across your Lenovo devices with a library of pre-built and customized scripts.

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    Description Absolute Resilience - 60 個月期限 - 1-2499 單位數量
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