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ThinkAgile HX Series

ThinkAgile HX Series

Easily accelerate any workload from edge to cloud

The Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series, pre-integrated with Nutanix software, delivers a seamless hybrid multi-cloud solution, providing simplicity and freedom to harness the power of AI with flexibility, scalability, and security across workloads from edge to cloud.

ThinkAgile HX Appliance

Optimized and cost-effective hybrid multi-cloud solution

ThinkAgile HX is built on top of the industry’s most reliable servers running the leading hyperconverged stack from Nutanix. The HX portfolio covers a wide breadth of workloads and use cases from all industry verticals. Ease of use and management of IT infrastructure across multi-hybrid cloud with ThinkAgile HX provides returns on your investment in a matter of months and helps businesses achieve their goals faster.

Industry-leading workload performance

Industry-leading workload performance

Lenovo optimizes your workloads to create maximum results built on servers that are consistently rated #1 in x86 server reliability. Supported workloads: Business applications, Blockchain, DevOps, Virtualization, AI inferencing, VDI and Databases.
Data and application portability across multi-hybrid cloud

Data and application portability across multi-hybrid cloud

ThinkAgile HX supports multi-hybrid cloud connectivity enabling customers adopt cloud-native containerized applications which they can easily lift and shift across different cloud deployments.
Cost efficiency at all levels

Cost efficiency at all levels

HX integration with Nutanix software greatly reduces IT infrastructure expenses and TCO and enables customers to achieve goals with a solution that fits hypervisor preferences and other requirements.
ThinkAgile HX platform refresh

What’s New – platform refresh with latest Intel® processors

Unlock your infrastructure’s full potential with ThinkAgile HX Series V3 powered by the latest 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® processors showcasing a unique balance of performance, security, and efficiency.

  • Up to 30% gen-to-gen performance increase in compute-intensive HPC/AI workload
  • Up to 77% increase in drive capacity for all NVMe platforms
  • Up to 60% more VDI users


Containerization with Red Hat OpenShift

Containerization with Red Hat

The Red Hat OpenShift on ThinkAgile HX configuration provides a best-in-class solution for building, scaling, and managing cloud-native applications on-premises and in hybrid cloud environments.
VDI with Citrix

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Citrix

Lenovo HX Client Virtualization Solutions for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops help organizations to centrally manage the desktop image within the corporate IT environment instead of remotely or office location.
Analytics with SAP HANA

Analytics with SAP HANA

ThinkAgile HX delivers rapid-response, self-service analytics, and reporting, ultimately helping to achieve business agility and flexibility by powering critical SAP HANA workloads.
High performance with MS SQL

High performance with MS SQL

Get powerful data insights by modernizing the infrastructure with ThinkAgile HX regardless of where data is being created.

Customer success stories

ENOC convenience store customers

Reliable customer service with ThinkAgile HX and Edge server

ENOC’s Retail division deployed robust Lenovo Edge servers, connected to three Lenovo ThinkAgile HX5521 servers powered by 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to support responsive customer service across almost 200 stores

Office worker wearing a headset

Reliable cloud services with ThinkAgile HX7521

Expedient soared to new heights in its cloud services business by adopting the hyperconverged infrastructure solution ThinkAgile HX7521 appliances.

Community service worker in action

High availability of services with ThinkAgile HX3331

Anglicare Tasmania is running its critical services on ThinkAgile HX3331 nodes with zero unplanned downtime, delivering effective community services.

Workers in ThinkAgile-supported environment

Scalable digital platform with ThinkAgile HX5520

Leão Alimentos e Bebidas enabled growth-driving digital services with a scalable, hyperconverged infrastructure powered by Nutanix software and Lenovo ThinkAgile HX5520 appliances.


Two business people talking

TruScale Infrastructure Services

Lenovo TruScale is an as-a-service, cloud-like experience with on-prem security and control. It scales very easily, to give you all the power and strategic advantage of the latest data center hardware through a pay-as-you-go business model.
Lenovo Data Center racks

Professional Services

We’ll design the best way to get you from where you are to where you want to be by manging end-to-end architecture, hardware installation, data migration, and system deployment, accelerating your time to productivity and maximizing your ROI.
Help desk experts wearing headsets

Support Services

Enjoy one-call support with Premier Support warranty upgrades and extensions. For more complex issues, a Technical Account Manager with in-depth expertise, serves as a single point of accountability for all your infrastructure services.
Segmented circle

Managed Services

Lenovo Managed Services helps businesses like yours, to gain better performance, limited downtime and peace of mind. With a tailored service, you control and predict your costs and improve system availability and capacity, while reducing your operating expenses.

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