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The future awaits

Unlock your passion & build a smarter future

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Lenovo knows you want to make a difference—and we believe you will. That's why we invest in education and sustainability. A smarter future requires smarter technology, with premium performance, versatility, and support. Lenovo technology. Let's get started, together. The future is waiting for you.

Explore solutions for:

High School & College Education

High School and College Education

Select your own path to tomorrow

As a student, you're working toward a smarter future. But you're also a gamer, an artist, a designer, an entrepreneur—and your journey will be unique. Lenovo offers high-speed, fast-charging devices to enable your trek from the classroom to your job, to the library, to the coffee shop, to tomorrow.

Young woman thinking as she looks at a Lenovo tablet in a large room
i Yoga 9i (14") 2-in-1
Left view of Lenovo 2-in-1 in tablet mode, lying flat with display showing silver wavy graphic resembling mercury

Features to unlock every passion

Lenovo's high-performance, feature-packed devices can help you study hard, play hard, and plan hard. Features include high-res quality displays, HD cameras, smarter wireless, dynamic audio, and long battery life to keep you connected, streaming, creating, and gaming wherever you are—and wherever you're going.

Lenovo Legion armored backpack
information tooltip Legion 17" Armored Backpack II
Lenovo Legion laptop
i Legion Slim 7i

Go ahead, dream big

Follow your passion. Make the most of it, whether working or playing. Enjoy superior sound, AI optimization, the power to handle demanding apps and games, seamless multitasking, and more. Get the most from your PC with Lenovo Smart Performance. Set your goal; we'll help you get there.

Proclaim yourself

You want to make a difference. Show the world who you are. Choose the tech that fits your personal style. Lenovo designs thin & light laptops, tablets, and convertibles with plenty of color, size, and other options to match any lifestyle or budget.

Cropped closeup of cameras on two stacked Lenovo tablets

Secure the future

Don't trade your future for convenience. Stay secure with webcam shutters, Smart Lock, and more. Plus, add-ons like Premium Care Plus protect your device.

A man/father supervising a teen boy who is taking notes while looking at a Lenovo laptop
Young woman carrying a Lenovo laptop and a coffee
Closeup of Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard
informative tooltip Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard

Build the workspace that will build the future

Smart technology can be even smarter with the right accessories. Build an environment that enhances and promotes your productivity and comfort. Lenovo has everything you need.

informative tooltip Legion M600 Wireless Mouse
Closeup of Lenovo Legion gaming mouse

Smart deals and benefits for smarter technology

Shop all your education needs on Lenovo's student homepage. Let Lenovo help you get set up with the best solutions for your student using our student discount program.

Cropped tablet display showing aerial view of river winding through dense forest
ThinkPad recycled packaging with a Lenovo laptop
Woman staring at wall with illuminated pink stripes

With an unwavering commitment to a healthier planet, we're continually striving to lessen our impact and lower our carbon footprint.

By using bio-based materials, like bamboo and sugar cane, we are able to reduce our packaging consumption, waste, and carbon emissions levels.

From everyday operations to product design and recycling solutions, we pledge to show environmental leadership across all of our activities.

Sustainability Icon

We practice environmental sustainability, working with partners to ensure devices are recycled and handled safely rather than buried in landfills.

Verify &

Save an extra 5% by verifying as a student or teacher.
Incoming & current college students, plus educators.
Once verified, discounts are automatically applied in cart.
To save 5% more on eligible products, verify now:
Elementary & Middle Education

Elementary and Middle School Education

Lighten the load

Give your child one learning tool to handle everything—taking notes, submitting homework, reading assignments, and even having fun. Let them do it all on a Lenovo ultraslim laptop, tablet, 2 in 1, or Chromebook—with minimal involvement from you.

Young boy wearing headphones and working on a drawing app on a Lenovo laptop, showing a planet and a rocket changing colors between red and yellow
informative tooltip Yoga 7i (14") 2-in-1 laptop
Lenovo 2-in-1 in tent mode, with display showing an image of a SCUBA diver in a clear spot surrounded by large fish swimming in a circle around the diver

Make screen time beneficial

Your child can become a creative firestorm—let our tech provide the spark. Unlock their potential with high-res quality displays, superior sound, AI-optimized experiences, and more.

Cropped closeup of a Lenovo stylus Cropped closeup of a Lenovo mouse
i Lenovo Go Wireless Multi-Device Mouse
Teacher sitting at her desk in a classroom, looking at the display of a ThinkPad laptop with a webcam attached Cropped closeup of a Lenovo stylus
informative tooltip Yoga 9i (14") 2-in-1 laptop

Tougher than playground asphalt

From the first day of class through summer break, features like HD cameras, Smarter Wireless, and long battery life keep your child engaged throughout their day, every day. What’s more, our reinforced designs are tested to withstand even the most strenuous conditions from your active learner.

Staying focused means staying productive

Keep students focused in a world full of distractions, thanks to features like background blur, noise cancellation, and blue light filtering. Lenovo helps build the skills they will need for a lifetime of success. We offer advanced support to keep their device productive, as well—check out Lenovo Premium Care Plus.

Cropped closeup of the sound bar near the hinge of a Yoga 2-in-1, with a stylus protruding from its garage

Protecting your legacy is our legacy

Enjoy peace of mind knowing Lenovo products are designed to protect what matters most to you. We’ll keep your child safe with features like privacy shutters and Family Link Safe Browsing. Learn more about Smart Privacy services.

Young child using a stylus to draw on a Lenovo tablet
Two identical Lenovo tablets, back to back, with the display of one showing a night sky with aurora borealis and circular motion graphics on the ground
informative tooltip Shop all tablets
Closeup of webcam
informative tooltip Lenovo LC50 Monitor WebCam
Cropped image of monitor showing people at an aquarium
informative tooltip Lenovo L24i-30 23.8" Monitor

Create a full learning environment

The right device needs the right options. Lenovo has everything you need to add on and complement your child’s device, with thoughtfully designed accessories.

Cropped image of monitor showing people at an aquarium
i Lenovo L24i-30 23.8" Monitor

Save money while saving the planet

Recycle your old PC—trade in any Lenovo or competitor’s computer or electronic device that meets the minimum requirements, and get a Visa Gift Card to use anywhere Visa is accepted.

Cropped image of table showing hilly trail with windmills on it and mountains in the background
Tablet display with image of path on top of rocky peninsula, with colored light graphics simulating motion across it
Woman staring at wall with illuminated pink stripes

Get a trade-in quote for your device.

Free shipping label and packaging materials.

Receive your Visa Gift Card.

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