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Achieve data-first modernization with Lenovo Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Maximize your data’s full potential, regardless of where it is, and transform faster with a seamless hybrid cloud experience.
Accelerate business value with Lenovo ThinkAgile HCI Solutions built on servers like Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V3 powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to solve data challenges and speed innovation.
IT professional looking at a monitor

Make the most of your data with Hybrid Cloud

Broader expansion of 5G networks, development of powerful artificial intelligence platforms, and launch of generative AI large-language models (LLMs) have increased the value and actionability of data. Harness the value of your data, no matter where it lives, to open opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Explore how IT organizations are using hybrid cloud solutions to turn their raw data into actionable insights.


Accelerate your business with our end-to-end solutions

Across industries and across the globe, Lenovo is partnering with organizations to solve challenges and unlock opportunities through end-to-end technology solutions.

See what smarter hybrid cloud solutions can do

Unlock opportunity with our ThinkAgile HCI solutions powered by 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Woman working at desk with tablet and keyboard


Unlock Hybrid Cloud Data Management Power

Take advantage of hybrid cloud to grow your data processing power for impactful end-user experiences.
Woman holding a cube


Unleash Cloud Native with Lenovo Container Solutions

Lenovo's container solutions powered by up to 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are key building blocks to modernize hybrid environments.

Three professionals collaborating, with one taking notes


Meeting the needs of the three Cs

How hybrid cloud and infrastructure as a service provide solutions to business needs across the C-suite – from the CEO and CIO to the CFO.

Two people collaborating at a whiteboard


Simplify data management in hybrid environments

Make the most of your data. Change the conversation from deciding where it should reside to how teams can use data to turn it into actionable insights.

Wind turbines on a mountain pass


Smarter IT choices make a sustainable difference

Lenovo makes it easy to improve sustainability at every step as you acquire, use, and return the technology you need to move your business forward.

Man at desk with dual monitors


4 ways hybrid cloud gives you the edge

A hybrid cloud is a best-of-both-worlds approach to infrastructure architecture. Discover why having the optimal mix is a strategic advantage.

Three IT professionals collaborating at a whiteboard


The smart guide to switching to hybrid cloud

Migrating to a hybrid cloud accelerates IT transformation and unlocks innovation and business growth opportunities.

Woman working at desk in IT environment


Accelerate your hybrid cloud migration

Smarter hybrid solutions start with an end-to-end approach. Our flexible solutions make your path to the cloud seamless, secure, and clear.

Person with data reflecting in glasses

Lenovo TruScale for Hybrid Cloud

Benefit from the best of both worlds: dynamic data storage that combines private and public resources for superior security and scalability.

Lenovo ThinkAgile SDI hardware

Simplify IT and accelerate time to value with our Software-Defined Infrastructure

Lenovo's ThinkAgile Appliances and Certified Nodes are designed to make your life easier. ThinkAgile solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors simplify IT infrastructure and accelerate time to value, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Explore Lenovo’s hybrid cloud solutions for an ever-expanding business

Regardless of your transformation goals, Lenovo offers a smooth path to get there and beyond.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing

Drive agility and scalability with the right cloud strategy and Lenovo cloud solutions powered by Intel ® Xeon® Scalable processors.

Two IT workers in an office environment

Kubernetes and Containers

Develop and deploy modern applications for delivery of cloud-ready services with Lenovo Kubernetes and Container solutions.

Digital data flowing on urban highways

Data Management

Secure and reliable data management and storage solutions, from edge to cloud.

Two IT workers at desks

Lenovo TruScale for Data Management

Accelerate performance, simplify management, optimize protection.

Unlocking possibilities

See how Lenovo’s broad portfolio of digital workplace solutions and hybrid cloud systems are empowering a global workforce thrive.

Man and woman in conference room


Bold, integrated as a service solution to ignite your business strategy.

Man and woman in conference room with remote meeting ongoing

Digital Workplace Solutions

Empower your teams for productive hybrid work with complete digital workplace solutions.

Four IT workers in an office setting


No matter where you are on your Edge-to-Cloud journey, we can streamline the most complex data to make decisions quickly, and with a higher level of confidence.

Lush green plant life superimposed in office setting

Sustainability Solutions

Support your organizational values and meet your environmental goals faster with energy efficient technology options and a host of powerful solutions you can implement today.

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Our open architecture enables you to choose the right cloud software partner for your organization and desired business outcomes with Lenovo as your convenient, global single source of accountability and support.

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