TS4300 Tape Library

Lenovo IBM TS4300 Tape Library

TS4300 Tape Library

Standalone Tape Automation Solution

  • 3U tape library supporting the latest Linear Tape (LTO) technology
  • Outstanding capacity, performance, & reliability for cost-effective backup, restore, & archive for midrange storage environments
  • Remote library management through web-based interface

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Standalone Tape Automation Solution

  • Funksjoner



    • Increase cartridge and drive capacity as needed with the modular design
    • Scale vertically with up to seven modules, with expansion for LTO Ultrium 8, 7, and 6 cartridges
    • Supports WORM cartridges to enhance data protection and provides library-managed encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager
    • Speed deployment and simplify management with an embedded, open-source software architecture
    • Keep data securely stored long-term, while helping reduce the costs associated with data center space and utilities

    Scalable tape library

    Requirements for secure, long-term data retention—especially in the financial services, healthcare and life sciences industries—are common and increasingly stringent, with data volumes growing massively as a result. Tape storage offers a less costly long-term storage option than disk drives or flash. And data stored on tape kept offline, or on write once media, is nearly invulnerable to hacking.

    IBM® TS4300 Tape Library is a high-density, highly scalable, easy-to-manage tape library designed to keep data securely stored long-term, while helping reduce the costs associated with data center space and utilities. Its modular design enables users to increase cartridge and drive capacity as needed.

    Built around a 3U-high modular base library, TS4300 can scale vertically with up to seven modules (including the base library), with expansion for Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium cartridges (LTO 6, 7, and 8) drives and redundant power supplies. A single robot manages all modules in the stack.

    In a seven-module configuration, TS4300 offers a capacity of more than 270 LTO cartridges. A wizard for installation and configuration enables users to install, expand and service the library without special training.

    Get automatic control

    To help meet security and compliance requirements, TS4300 supports write-once-read-many (WORM) cartridges to enhance data protection, and provides library-managed encryption with IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager. Also, improve business continuity with IBM TS4300 Tape Library-supported features like automatic control-path and datapath failover to provide automatic control in the event of a loss of a host adapter or control path.

    Start with a base

    The TS4300 base library contains all of the necessary robotics and intelligence to manage the base library system, with a maximum of 40 slots of LTO cartridge capacity per module, up to five input/output (I/O) slots, and support for three combinations of full- and/or half-height (FH or HH) LTO drives per module.

    The TS4300 base library is rack- or tabletop mountable. Module expansions are rack-mountable only.TS4300 leverages IBM Spectrum Archive™ for direct, intuitive and graphical access to data stored in IBM tape drives and libraries by incorporating the IBM Linear Tape File System™ (LTFS) format standard. LTFS compatibility allows tape-stored data to be accessed as if it were on disk or flash storage.

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  • Tekniske spesifikasjoner

    Tekniske spesifikasjoner

    Form factor3U
    Physical capacity
    • 12TB native capacity/up to 30TB compressed capacity (LTO8)
    • 6TB native capacity/up to 15TB compressed capacity (LTO7)
    • 2.5TB native capacity/up to 6.25TB compressed capacity (LTO6)
    Network interfaceEthernet
    Power supply1 standard power supply, optional 2nd redundant supply
    Hot-swap componentsPower supplies, tape drives
    Systems managementStorage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) enabled
    Operating systems supportedSelected IBM servers and other Linux and Microsoft Windows open-system servers
    Limited warranty3-year in-warranty coverage of select parts
    WeightBase module maximum 28kg (61.5 lb) Expansion module maximum 22.6kg (49.6 lb)
    Dimensions (H x W x D)114mm (4.48 in.) x 446mm (17.56 in.) x 873mm (34.37 in.)

    Specifications may vary depending upon region.

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