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Best Laptops for College Students

Prepare for college: How to find the best laptops for college students

Best college laptops to power your student life

As college prep gives way to college requirements, it’s time to think about the right tech for your education. While considering laptop requirements for college students, remember that this time in your life is also about establishing who you are. Maybe you’re a gamer. A creator. A rising entrepreneur. Or always on the go, not wanting to be tied down. The best laptop for college students is the one that matches each student’s spirit. Select one of Lenovo’s top-rated laptops for college students to empower your lifestyle and amplify your personality—so you can flourish in the classroom and out.

Student Creators: Express yourself with the best college laptops for creators

Whether you’re creating the next video series for your channel, rendering 3D models, creating a hopefully viral meme, or sharing your best life on social, you need a laptop that offers power and speed with style. Lenovo ultraslim laptops crush the demands of creation apps in sleek, ultraportable packages. Stop worrying about how to get a laptop for college; the answer is in your personal style. Choose from multiple formats as you develop your flair for self-expression and just be you.

Yoga Slim 7 Pro: style and quality

Yoga Slim 7 Pro laptops are powerful multimedia PCs with next-gen processors with optional discrete NVIDIA® graphics on Intel® models and OLED displays. They are designed for maximum portability, with premium details—thin, light, and powerful; ultraportable; and with Rapid Charge Express to give you 3 hours of power with only 15 minutes of charge time. Enjoy an exceptional multimedia experience whether you’re streaming videos, editing images, or playing games.

On-the-Go Students: What to look for in a laptop for college multitaskers

Your workspace is everywhere—from the classroom to your friend’s dorm, the coffee shop to the stop-n-shop. When you’re constantly on the move, you need to get a laptop for college that’s as versatile and flexible as you. Yoga convertible laptops let you easily switch from a tablet for doodling, to a clamshell for knocking out that essay, to a tent to catch up hands-free on your current binge—all with the portability of a stylishly thin and light laptop. Catch a movie with friends, read an e-book, watch a presentation, or set up a gaming station with the same high performance and quality experience you’ll get when completing your assignments.

Yoga 9 convertibles: versatile, top-quality experiences

The Yoga 9i, the best 2-in-1 laptop for college, gives you unparalleled entertainment and multitasking capabilities to meet your needs as a student and beyond. Powerful processing drives first-class performance in four different modes. Whether hard at work on assignments or relaxing with your friends, enjoy premium viewing in up to 4K resolution on an OLED screen, stylus pen support, and optimum sound from Bowers & Wilkins® speakers through a rotating soundbar.

Yoga 7 convertibles: portability and style

The Yoga 7 2-in-1 convertible laptops are designed for enhanced performance and responsiveness with full high-definition touch displays that come in a variety of sizes and configurations, small enough to fit easily in your backpack and large enough to support managing multiple applications at once. These laptops feature incredible battery life for hours of on-the-go productivity from anywhere, anytime.

Your Future Career: Embrace your future as you achieve student success in 2022

You’re looking to the future—use a device that will go there with you. Career-minded students will thrive with top-rated ThinkPad laptops. Experience a powerful, high-quality, professional system that’s tested for durability, which means it’s not just the best laptop for college students. It’s tough enough to last to the point of being the best laptop for your career.

ThinkPad X1, for future business leaders

Professionals who expect the absolute best from their technology turn to the ThinkPad X1 line—not just for innovation and style, but for uncompromised performance. Career-oriented students can bring the power of this ultralight laptop to their studies and social activities, knowing ThinkPad reliability and security are de rigueur. These laptops are perfect for multitasking and heavy workloads of on-the-go professionals and business students.

P Series Mobile Workstations, for students who need power

Fusing the portability of a laptop and the performance of a workstation, ThinkPad P Series laptops are the best choice for engineering students and others who need that extra performance for their assignments. These devices are widely endorsed by colleges and universities as well as ISV-certified for all major education applications and software. And with lightning-fast graphics and processing, plus the latest cutting-edge technology, they can handle compute-intensive needs—in surprisingly light packages.

Student Gamers: Laptops for college and gaming

When gaming and classwork are almost equal priorities, you need a system that will serve both needs well. Lenovo Legion gaming laptops deliver top-notch action in thin-and-light, stylish chassis you’ll be proud to brandish on campus. Enjoy reliable high performance and superior audiovisuals from the best gaming laptop for college students. Legion will keep you on-task and at the top of your game.

Legion 5 Pro: best-performing mainstream gaming laptop for students

The Legion 5 Pro gaming laptop is the intersection of minimalism and raw power, allowing students on study breaks to own the room and the leaderboard. This laptop is designed with a plethora of high-performance options, while keeping a low profile with clean, minimalist looks that complement a student’s lifestyle. The Legion 5 comes with a Pro design, metal covers, high refresh rates, full high-res displays, immersive sound, and the versatility to switch from gaming to assignments.

Legion 7, for immersive gamers and productive students

The Legion 7 Series is Lenovo’s premier gaming laptop lineup, boasting powerful processing, environmental RGB powered by Legion Spectrum, high-refresh-rate displays, third party-benchmarked high gaming performance, and immersive sound. Beneath the refined surface of each Legion 7 Series laptop lies the processing and graphics power of a beast, just waiting for you to unleash it.

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