Is a Windows 10 PC Good for Gaming?

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If you want to go for gold with gaming, you need the best windows version for your gaming PC. Gamers are an important part of the market and often have higher spec demands and essential needs that Microsoft is keen to meet. From laser sharp graphics to an instant response keyboard, an impressive core processor, and exceptional sound quality – these are just a handful of necessary features to look out for when choosing your gaming setup.

What You Want in a Gamer PC

Before you turn to the operating system, it’s worthwhile ironing out the basics when it comes to making your Windows PC ready for gamer glory. Whether you choose a desktop or laptop, a small system, or an impressively savage powerful tower like the Legion T730, you want something that delivers the basics. At minimum look for something with a six-core processor so it has the power for great game compatibility, opt for a spec set up that offers a minimum 500GB of room on the hard drive, and go for 32 GB RAM.

Additional features that will make your gaming lifestyle glorious can include investing in a machine that stays cool and quiet. Heat can truly disrupt a great gaming experience which means looking for an impressive fan setup that puts cooling at the forefront, at the same time as looking to reduce fan noise.

Should You Choose a Laptop or Desktop Windows PC for Gaming?

Grab and go laptop or powerful tower desktop – which is the best option for gamers? Traditionally the tower desktop has long been the go-to for gamers, but modern laptops have come a long way and can hold their own in the gaming universe. Arguably, the PC will still bring the ultimate experience to the table with its great graphics cards, easy to upgrade parts, and stronger cooling capabilities thanks to size and setup. No matter how impressive the laptop, the smaller the size, the more heat the machine will generate meaning that a portable computer simply cannot match the speed and power of a larger PC setup.

Of course, the benefits of choosing a laptop to be your gaming companion really comes down to portability. With a laptop, you can take your gaming life with you, whereas the desktop really serves as a stay at home device. Desktops require a monitor, power point, and the experience is limited to one place. It is worth thinking about your gaming habits before making the choice and weighing up whether you want a more portable option or if you want to make a more long-term investment in a PC that can easily be upgraded to move with the times.

The answer really depends on your lifestyle and gaming habits, and whether you are seeking an all-in-one machine that can go with you, or a more easily customized option with a desktop PC.

Which is the Best Windows for Gaming?

The results from gamers seem to be unanimous, Windows 10 is the best OS version for your gaming PC. With a sparkling new series of upgrades, impressive stats, and features like the Xbox app, Mixer, and Games Bar, you have an operating system that has been re-designed with gamer's in mind. For those who want to game better, check out the benefits of choosing a Windows PC for your gaming needs.

Made for Gamers

One of the most impressive features of Windows 10 is that it boasts features that have been designed with gamer's in mind. Hit the windows button + G and the game bar pops up. From here, you can easily record your games, capture screenshots, and post to your social networks, YouTube, or wherever it is you choose to share. From the Game Bar you can also chat with friends either using the Xbox console or via mobile or PC, inviting simple access to gamer socializing all without losing grip on the game you are playing.

Graphic Gold

Image quality truly matters when it comes to picking a great gaming operating system and Windows 10 works by putting its money where its mouth is. 4K resolution makes a splash when it comes to crystal sharp graphics offering HDR capable GPU meaning incredible vivid realism that takes saturation, shadows, and brighter highlights into account.

Game Choice

The Xbox Games Pass for PC gives unlimited access to over a hundred games with new titles added all the time to ensure you never get bored. From blockbusters to under the radar favourites, there is a whole world waiting at your fingertips. The majority of PC games are made for Windows (thanks to its reputation as being the best OS for gamers), this means that whatever game releases you have your eye on, you can be sure that if it’s a PC release it most definitely has been made with Windows 10 in mind. From AAA games to eSports titles, the open platform invites you to access an endless rosta of names in the gaming world.

Drama Free Details

Any gamer knows the frustration of a sluggish boot up, fortunately, Windows 10 keeps the details of your operating system completely drama free. The Windows 10 boot is much faster than it was back in the days of Windows 7 and even speedier than it was at Windows 8, meaning that you can boot your system into power and get gaming almost immediately. The framerates and performance tests have also been improved, ensuring that you are easily getting the best experience out there.

There is no doubt that opting for a Windows 10 PC gives you the best bang for your buck when it comes to gaming. With a huge library of games at your fingertips, impressive integration with Xbox, jaw-dropping graphics that place you straight in the heart of the action, and impressive attention to detail – Windows 10 is truly setting the bar when it comes to an immersive gaming experience. What do you think about Windows 10 for gaming? Share your thoughts.

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