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Secure and reliable data management and storage solutions, from edge to cloud

Secure and reliable data management and storage solutions, from edge to cloud

Keeping your data available, accessible, and secure at all times.

Lenovo delivers industry-leading, scalable end-to-end data management solutions and hybrid multi-cloud storage. Our solutions accelerate application performance, giving faster results while simplifying hybrid multi-cloud data management and workloads—all with optimal data protection.

Data Management

Extracting the intelligence you need to make your business more productive

Unlike most commodities, the more data you have, the more value it potentially holds. This phenomenon is why the ability to analyze, distribute, protect, and manage data is so vital to an organization's business and customer success strategy.

Customers must manage data at the edge, in the data center, or across hybrid, multi-cloud environments, storage infrastructure, and data management solutions. These data-centered customers need the ability to scale elastically across clouds, quickly deploy new services and efficiently process growing amounts of data. Legacy data management and storage systems designed for closed data centers lack the agility to support today's dynamic workloads and evolving data sets across the enterprise.

Modernizing data management infrastructure with solutions that can scale, accelerate, and protect data with new simplified designs isn't just cost-efficient—it can also create revenue.


Real-time results. Real-time insights.

Generate critical intelligence that creates a better customer experience with the broadest choice of real-time data management solutions.

Manage data better. Monetize it faster.

Smarter data management accelerates growth, regardless if data is managed at the edge, the core, or across hybrid cloud environments.

Protection & security

As cyberattacks increase, security is top of our agenda; with built-in ransomware detection that protects your data by mitigating risks and threats.


See how today’s data management delivers faster results while reducing IT costs.

Learn how to accelerate, transform, and optimize your data management strategies and workloads with our enterprise storage solutions.

Unified storage web page

Unified storage

Consolidate your storage environment in one system that supports multiple protocols, including NAS for files and SAN for blocks. Allowing you to easily scale-up or scale-out, and support locations, strategies, and workloads.
Storage-area network web page

Storage area network

Easy-to-use, affordable storage area network (SAN) utilizes next-gen flash, and hybrid flash storage capabilities, to integrate into your existing infrastructure or support a new one. Data center, virtualization, cloud, and big-data ready.
Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)

Lenovo’s HCI solutions, help streamline innovation and accelerate results, with smarter solutions for hybrid cloud and software-defined infrastructure. They’re easily scalable and have amazing value.
IT professionals in data center

Lenovo TruScale IaaS

Helping you adopt IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions that scale quickly and are budget-focused to power your digital transformation the moment your business is ready to expand.
Direct-attached storage web page

Direct-attached storage

Direct-attached storage is ideal for SMBs or any situation where budget and space are at a premium. Start with one JBOD drive for great cost-effective performance, with the flexibility to easily add more drives as you grow.
Tage Storage

Tape storage

Lenovo tape storage solutions are perfect for businesses requiring data backup or low-cost archival storage. Tape is energy efficient, and portable, with a shelf life of up to 30 years, for long-term peace of mind regarding your data.
Front view of fibre channel switch

Fibre channel switches

Fibre channel storage area networks with Gen 7 technology deliver high-performance SAN networks, trusted by customers around the world.

Customer successes

Learn how better data management creates better business outcomes, for our customers, across multiple industries.

Vibrant urban evening with market data display

Bringbuys Cloud

Bringbuys Cloud chose Lenovo ThinkAgile VX7530 to give their e-commerce platform clients a powerful, secure, and flexible all-in-one solution to simplify operations and sell internationally.
Digital polyhedron design

Distributed Storage Solutions (DSS)

DSS utilizes Lenovo TruScale’s flexible and cost-effective pay-as-you-go deployment model to add Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6000H Storage Array capacity as they need it and plan for future needs.
Modern house against a blue sky


WIMBERGER deployed Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 servers with Lenovo ThinkSystem DM5100F Storage Arrays and Lenovo DAS arrays to deliver the reliability and performance required to effectively manage 800 construction projects per year.


Planning your next IT project?

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