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Why Choose Android

Switching to Android and the Benefits

It's a question on people's minds: why do people prefer Android? To put it simply - Androids can be customized to your heart's content. It lets users choose their default applications based on their preferences. Android has been designed in such a way that pretty much every piece can be skinned, replaced, or removed altogether. Customization has always been Android's greatest strength. Android smartphones such as the Motorola G series can be found in a wide range of price points. Most smartphones around the world run on Android, and since so many companies build Android phones, they're available in every price range. There are affordable phones under the $199.99 mark like the new Moto G Stylus and some of the best interactive phones, like the Motorola Razr, around $799.99. Regardless of your budget, chances are you can find an Android device that fits your needs and offers features you'll enjoy. If you’re wondering why is my Android better than my iPhone, keep reading to find out.

#1 – Differences of Androids and iPhones

To make an informed decision between iPhone and Android smartphones, you need to know the features and specs that are most important to you. Check out the facts below to help you make an informed choice.

Open vs. Closed Operating Systems

The Android operating system is open-source. With Apple, there can only be software and apps downloaded from Apple itself since its operating system has a closed design. Android is designed to be open and compatible with many different sources and applications.

Style and Ease of Use

The first thing you see when you compare an iPhone to an Android is its style. There are several differences between the interface, apps, and emoji. With the iPhone, it is generally seen as having a sleeker aesthetic. Smartphones running on Android give you more control over their applications than Apple devices.

Storage options

Apple does not even come close to Google when it comes to cloud storage. iCloud offers 5GB of storage, whereas Google's cloud offers 15GB plus cross-platform functionality. Apple iPhones do not have expandable storage. With an Android phone, you are able to expand the amount of internal storage available for applications, photos, and movies, and you can use Google Drive space to store documents, photos, and videos. Lastly, Apple only supports iCloud storage with Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Malware and Online Security

With Android being an open operating system, it is more vulnerable to threats. Although Apple devices can be infected with viruses and malware and may have documented security flaws, this is less likely to happen with Android devices. Android accounts for about 88 percent of the world's smartphone operating systems, while iOS accounts for 12 percent.

Customer Support and Accessibility

One of the biggest successes of Apple is that their store is at every corner - from Miami to Tokyo, you can go into an apple store to experience the Apple products and interact with them. While Apple has long been a leader when it comes to retail stores, services, and product aesthetics. Google's customer service online, over the phone, and through chat is outstanding.

H2 #2 – Customizing Your Phone to Work for You

Why do people prefer Android? One of the main reasons why people love an Android phone so much is that you’re able to customize it to an almost unlimited extent. There are things only Android can do, but the exact possibilities depend on a variety of factors, including the user, the operating system, the device, and more.

Android lets you modify your device pixel-by-pixel, while iOS is largely restricted and limited in its ability to be customized. There are plenty of options to make your phone feel like a brand new one, without having to pay for it. You can even install a completely new launcher.

Android has a versatile internal/external storage management system. The file manager that comes pre-installed on Android is powerful and adaptable. Internal and external storage files can be accessed from this app. It lets you perform all the necessary tasks like copying, pasting, moving, etc.

After getting your new Motorola Smartphone, you should transfer the data from the previous device either through a manual backup or syncing through your Google account. If you have your old phone, this can be easy. In addition to backing up your data on one device and transferring it to another, there are other apps you can use to achieve that.

Most of your data can be transferred to an Android device if you're coming from iOS. Here are the steps to backup:

  1. Install the Google Drive app on your iPhone.
  2. Sign in to the app after you launch it.
  3. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Backup.
  4. To back up something or everything, tap Start Backup.
  5. Use the same Google account on your Android device.

Here is how you can customize your Android to work for you:

Personalize your home screen - With Android, you can arrange apps, weblinks, icons, and widgets on the home screen the way you like. By clicking and dragging on the icons, you can change their order and move them around. Alternatively, you can have more than one home screen.

Change your wallpaper - The wallpaper can be changed by pressing long and holding on to a blank area of the home screen. Choose 'Styles & wallpapers' then 'Wallpaper'.

Android launchers - If you install more than one launcher, you can switch between them through the 'Apps and notifications' section of the Settings menu, followed by the 'Advanced' section, followed by 'Default apps' and the 'Home app'.

Experiment with widgets A long press on a blank area of the home screen and a tap on 'Widgets' will bring up the gallery. Your phone will display widgets according to the installed apps. If you have widgets assigned to your home screen, they will appear here. Among all of the different widgets, the most favorite ones are Google Keep, News, Weather, and Stock Market. With widgets, your home screen will look more colorful and exciting.

Theme settings and icon pack -  A custom icon pack alters all the icons on the screen - like Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, Hulu, and many more - to match a particular theme or style, and usually includes an accompanying wallpaper. You can choose from icon shapes, colors, fonts, and wallpapers by going to Settings > Display > Advanced and then 'Styles and wallpapers'. Android now has some built-in theme options.

Make sounds your own - You can customize the sounds you hear for incoming calls, messages, and other notifications by using the 'Sound' menu in Settings.

There are also secret things your Android phone can do. Some of these features are tucked away in the settings menu and are Android things widely used or only meant for advanced developers. As a result, a lot of the amazing features of these devices are missed. Android's best feature is that it lets two applications run simultaneously. You can use it when you're taking a meeting on Google Meet and checking your emails or when you're looking through a spreadsheet. Users can be blocked from using certain apps with Screen Pinning. Under certain trusted conditions, Android Smart Lock keeps the device unlocked to allow access to the screen without any authentication. Trusted Face, Trusted Location, Trusted Devices, and on-body identification are among the features readily available. Among the many secret things your Android phone can do, the next one is, to be able to transfer files wirelessly via Wi-Fi direct in a similar manner to Bluetooth. You must enable Wi-Fi direct from the settings to be able to transfer files. In order to do so, navigate to Settings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi and tap on Wi-Fi Direct. You can then choose the Wi-Fi direct option from the share button once the connection is established.

There are also things only Android can do that Apple IOS just can’t, like having Multiple User Accounts, and Google Play Instant, where an Android phone can run any game or app without having to download it first. Unlike iPhones, you can change your default apps on Android phones.

Besides that, why do people prefer Android? The local storage of an Android device can be accessed like any other computer drive if you connect it to your computer. Use the Smart text selection to select pieces of text by utilizing machine learning capabilities, for example, addresses, emails, and phone numbers, while on iOS it only selects the word that is currently being tapped.

Lastly, with Android, you can install apps from the internet. Apple will probably never implement this feature on iOS. The reason for this is that a more secured device comes with numerous benefits, such as a decreased risk of viruses.

#3 – Finding the Right Android for You

If you’re in the market to make a smartphone selection, you’ve come to the right place. Even though choosing your new smartphone has become more challenging and trickier than ever before. But at the same time, smartphones running on Android have never been better. They offer incredible displays, incredible hardware, world-class cameras, and swanky software features that are built to delight and engage the user. The Motorola Series is a classic example of this. A Motorola Smartphone has never been more affordable, especially since it has low to midrange devices that offer impressive specs and performance for less than ever before. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, music, or games with the Moto G Stylus, or forget about charging your Motorola Razr for an entire day, the choice is endless with the new best-selling Moto phones.

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