IT Infrastructure Solutions for Growing Small Businesses

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Reliable IT Infrastructure solutions for growing businesses

Your business is expanding and needs reliable, flexible, and easy to manage IT infrastructure solutions to help you grow fast successfully. Lenovo, our global partners and our award-winning portfolio of hardware, software and services are created with your specific needs in mind.

Helping your business grow

As your business expands and changes so does your data. Creating a customized IT infrastructure (data center, services, and software) improves productivity for your workforce, adds reliability to your business and promotes new ways to work in an evolving business world.

Let us take care of your infrastructure while you focus on running your business. A modern IT infrastructure allows you to stay competitive by delivering value to your customer while keeping the high level of service they become accustomed to.

Lenovo and our global partners are ready to serve as your trusted advisors, helping you build a framework for the future so you can be more competitive today and tomorrow.

Business agility

Build an infrastructure to fit your performance needs with reliable, resource-efficient, solutions leveraging Lenovo’s servers, storage, and services.

End user productivity

Easily automate and manage your infrastructure from the Edge to Cloud using enhanced management software and flexible, expert services.

Business continuity

Reduce risk, prevent downtime and enable a fast recovery by adding a resilient backbone for your business operations.

Solutions that power any workload

You need infrastructure solutions that can tackle anything you throw at it. Making sure your data is always accessible even when it is multiplying at an accelerated rate.

ThinkSystem Rack and Tower Servers

Create a foundation to efficiently manage your increasing workloads as your business grows with leading-edge reliability and performance for tomorrow. ThinkSystem Servers provide the essential infrastructure to easily manage expanding data.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Simplify your IT environment to streamline your business operations. Accelerate your time to value with purpose-built appliances or fully integrated systems.


Optimize your business with reliable, cost-effective storage solutions, like the ThinkSystem DE Series. Lenovo offers unmatched value and an extensive portfolio to help efficiently manage, store, and protect your most valuable asset – your data.

TruScale Infrastructure as a Service

Accelerate your innovation with the latest infrastructure technology in a pay-as-you-go consumption model. Scale and update easily as your business grows, with minimum upfront capital investment, by leveraging our fully managed Infrastructure as a Service solutions.

Customer success stories

Real businesses building IT infrastructures to support their growth, increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Focus services for growing businesses

Your needs are specific, and we have solutions that help build, support, and manage your IT Infrastructure how—and when—you need to.

Solution Services

Design the best strategy for your enterprise. We'll work with you to find the right solution for your unique business needs.

Implementation Services

Accelerate your time to productivity. We'll help you streamline implementation of new technologies so you can focus on your business.

Support Services

Safeguard your IT investment. Our experts are standing by to help, around the world and around the clock - 24/7/365.


Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your next IT project?

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