ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack

ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack

ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack

Simplify hybrid cloud

  • Simplicity with ease of deployment and management
  • Agility with rapid time to deployment
  • Transformative customer experience


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ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack
  • 功能



    • Rack-scale, pre-integrated, turnkey solution
    • Powered by cloud-optimized SR650 servers and RackSwitch Ethernet switches
    • Simplified deployment and lifecycle management
    • World-class services and single point of support

    ThinkAgile SX MS Azure Stack Front Top View

    Fully integrated hybrid cloud solution

    With a hyperconverged hybrid cloud solution engineered and integrated by Lenovo and Microsoft, you’re free to focus on cloud services—instead of your infrastructure. Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is a turnkey, rackscale solution optimized with a resilient, high-performing, and secure software-defined infrastructure.

    It’s the perfect platform to:

    • Deliver Azure cloud services from the security of your own data center
    • Enable rapid development and iteration of applications with on-premises deployment tools to help transform your organization
    • Unify application development across your entire hybrid cloud environment
    • Easily move applications and data across private and public clouds

    ThinkAgile SX MS Azure Stack Cloud Solution

    Simplify your hybrid cloud

    ThinkAgile is a preintegrated, engineered solution that comes direct from Lenovo—ready to go—with all features, support, and deployment services included. With benefits like IT agility, lower TCO, and a transformative customer experience, ThinkAgile provides the ease and speed of a public cloud with the security and control of on-premises IT.

    As useful as the public cloud is for many purposes, it does create data security and privacy concerns for data centers. For example, many countries require that sensitive data be stored within the borders of that country. Similarly, many companies require that the data be stored somewhere entirely within their control.

    Challenges and solutions

    Due to the nature of the public cloud, it’s impossible to guarantee that these requirements will be met. And while a private cloud may meet a company’s security requirements, it doesn’t offer the flexibility of the public cloud.

    Another concern about the public cloud is application performance. Certain application workloads have stringent performance and latency requirements that cannot be guaranteed by the public cloud (streaming video, for example). A far more dependable solution is required.

    The ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack hybrid cloud offering provides the solutions to satisfy these requirements. Because all data is kept inside highly secure servers in your data center, it’s much simpler to comply with governance laws of your country, and your own policies and practices.

    ThinkAgile SX MS Azure Stack Full Front View

    By reducing the distance your data has to travel to mere meters/feet, rather than cross-country or even globally, latency is reduced, workloads run more efficiently, and performance requirements can be more easily achieved.

    Lenovo and Microsoft worked together to engineer the solution components—the Azure Stack software and Lenovo software-defined infrastructure—to make sure they perform seamlessly. There is no need to worry about configuring and tweaking settings for virtual or physical infrastructure. Your IT personnel can now focus more on building proficiencies in deploying and operating cloud services—such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS—and less on your infrastructure.

    Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack is now an Intel Select Solution!

    Accelerate infrastructure deployment with ease and reduced complexity with Intel Select Solutions and Lenovo ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack.

    Lenovo and Intel have a long history of working together to solve customer challenges, incorporating the latest Intel processors in our integrated systems. When Intel proposed Intel Select solutions for Azure Stack, Lenovo saw the value of the solution and chose to be the first hardware partner to complete the certifications. Intel Select solutions deliver preconfigured solutions optimized by Intel and Microsoft and validated and tested by Lenovo to provide highperforming infrastructure for modern computing needs. These solutions are built on Intel® Xeon® Scalable family processors and Intel P4600 NVMe cache tier devices, designed to accelerate performance and reduce latency. There are stringent performance requirements for this solution which have all been met or exceeded by our Azure Stack integrated systems.

    For more details read the ThinkAgile SX for Microsoft Azure Stack datasheet.

    Intel Select Solution
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  • 技術規格


    Entry SXM4400
    機架 9565-RCH (25U)
    • 4-8 個 SR650 伺服器
    • 2 個第二個 Platinum、Gold 及 Silver Intel Xeon Scalable 處理器,多達 28 個核心
    • 每個節點高達 1.5TB 記憶體
    Enterprise Starter SXM4400
    機架 9565-RCJ (42U)
    • 4-12 個 SR650 伺服器
    • 2 個第二個 Platinum、Gold 及 Silver Intel Xeon Scalable 處理器,多達 28 個核心
    • 每個節點高達 1.5TB 記憶體
    Enterprise Full SXM6400
    機架 9565-RCK (42U)
    • 12 個 SR650 伺服器
    • 2 個第二個 Platinum、Gold 及 Silver Intel Xeon Scalable 處理器,多達 28 個核心
    • 每個節點高達 1.5TB 記憶體
    管理節點 1 個 SR630;2 個第二代 Intel Xeon Scalable 處理器;64GB 記憶體
    • 10 個 4TB 容量層 (40TB 原始) + 4x 800GB SSD 快取層
    • 或是,10 個 6TB 容量層 (60TB 原始) + 4 個 1.6GB SSD 快取層
    • 1 個 1Gbps Lenovo RackSwitch G8052 (管理)
    • 2 個 25Gbps ThinkSystem NE2572 RackSwitch (運算/儲存流量)
    • Mellanox ConnectX-4 雙連接埠 10/25GbE 網路控制器
    整合式解決方案軟體 Microsoft Azure Stack; Lenovo XClarity


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