Lenovo Smart Tab vs. Lenovo Smart Display: What is the difference?

Both the Lenovo Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Display are smart home devices with voice-activated virtual assistants that help you run your home, manage your life, and entertain. Beyond that, these new smart home hubs offer fundamentally different experiences to meet your specific needs:

  • Each smart home system uses different virtual assistant software – Amazon Alexa on the Lenovo Smart Tab, and the Google Assistant on the Lenovo Smart Display.
  • The Lenovo Smart Display is built as a stand-alone device with styles that fit any room in your home, while the versatile Lenovo Smart Tab is both an ultraportable Android tablet and a smart screen (when placed in the included Lenovo Smart Dock).
  • Both systems have multiple far-field microphones to hear your requests, but fill the room with sound differently, boasting either a single 10-watt speaker (Lenovo Smart Tab) or dual 3-watt speakers (Lenovo Smart Display).

These innovative smart displays are part of Lenovo’s expanding line of smart home controls and accessories, including smart plugs, smart light bulbs, smart light switches, and the new Lenovo Smart Clock.

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Comparing smart home devices: Lenovo Smart Display and Lenovo Smart Tab

When it comes to personal virtual assistants and home control hubs, Lenovo has you covered. No matter which virtual assistant software you prefer, or whether you want a tabletop device or something more portable, you’ll find what you need in either the Lenovo Smart Display or new Lenovo Smart Tab.

Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant

The Lenovo Smart Display with the Google Assistant broke new ground as the one of the industry’s first smart displays, the new category of screen-equipped smart speakers that you place on a table or countertop to await instructions – whether it’s to show a recipe, make a video call, or turn out the lights.

The Google Assistant virtual assistant that powers the device is already used in millions of smartphones, so most users are already familiar with it. The Lenovo Smart Display’s sleek designs are made to fit in any room of the house, and there are camera and microphone shutters for privacy.

Lenovo Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa

The Lenovo Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa is a conventional Android tablet that converts into a tabletop smart display. To activate it as a smart home hub, simply place it in the included Lenovo Smart Dock, which includes a microphone mute button for times when you won’t want Alexa to be listening.

As a tablet, you can use the Lenovo Smart Tab while on-the-go to check email, run apps, stream movies and whatever else you do with an ultraportable device. Or you can dock it to launch voice-activated Show Mode (with home control functions similar to Amazon Echo Show) while it charges for the next time it’s used as a tablet.

Whether you’re looking for a new home control hub or are just entering the world of smart home controls and gadgets, these new Lenovo devices offer the industry-leading features you need. Plus, you can choose a system with the virtual assistant software you prefer.

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