What Are All in One Computers?

An all in one computer consolidates all of the elements of a desktop computer – display, tower, keyboard, and mouse – into a single package. All in one computers are specifically designed to meet all of your computing needs in packages that are slim and compact, easy to set up, easy to use, and easy to maintain. You can think of an all in one PC as the desktop equivalent of a laptop; it includes everything you need in a single box. This provides for a more enjoyable and accessible user experience.

What is an All in One PC?

An all in one PC is an all in one computer that runs Microsoft's Windows operating system (for example, Apple's iMac is an all-in-one solution as well, but it utilizes Apple's proprietary OS, so is not typically considered a "PC" even though it is still a personal computer). For individuals who are accustomed to Windows, and who are seeking a compact and intuitive system that is easy to set up and use, an all in one PC is the obvious solution.

How to buy an All in One PC on Lenovo.com

To purchase an all in one PC on Lenovo.com, simply navigate to the Desktops and All in Ones page. From there, you can choose from among the core product ranges offered by Lenovo, or use the filter elements on the left-hand side of the screen to limit the available options. Once you find a device that seems right for you, navigate to the product page.

You can also view all of Lenovo’s all in one desktop models directly on our dedicated all in one computers page.

On the product page for any of Lenovo's all in one desktop devices, you can configure it around your needs. Processors, operating system versions, memory capacity, storage capacity, and other elements can all be customized. As you configure your device, you will see these changes reflected in the purchase price in the right-hand column of the page – the page will update automatically. When you're ready, you can then add the updated device to your cart and proceed to checkout. On Lenovo.com, customizing a device to suit your specific needs is quick and easy.

Benefits of an All in One Computer

For the average consumer, an all in one computer will be the ideal choice, and that is because they are truly "turn key" solutions. You do not have to purchase a display monitor, keyboard, and mouse separately; you do not have to worry about syncing your tower with the various accessories; and you do not have to worry about finding real estate at your desk for the various components. All in one computers are smartly packaged, beautifully designed, comprehensive solutions that pair the power of desktop computers with the usability of laptops. For the average consumer, an all in one (or AIO) is often a better solution than a traditional tower computer, due to its ease of use.

What are Lenovo's Best All in One Desktops?

Lenovo offers a number of all-in-one solutions to meet consumers' needs. Among Lenovo's best choices are:

Or, remember that you can view all of Lenovo’s best available all in one desktop computer models on our dedicated all in one computers page.
With price points to suit every budget and varying capabilities and features, there is sure to be an option that is right for you.

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