What is mobile broadband technology?

Mobile broadband technology allows for a wireless wide area network (WWAN). In simple terms, it provides wireless high-speed Internet access to portable devices by way of radio towers. With mobile broadband technology, you can connect to the Internet anywhere there is GSM or CDMA-based cellular service available for mobile Internet connectivity. This allows individuals to maintain an Internet connection as they move from place to place, without having to rely upon WiFi hotspots.

How does mobile broadband work?

Mobile broadband technology works with Internet-enabled mobile devices. This can include portable modems, USB wireless modems, mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. The actual Internet connection is delivered via mobile phone towers over a mobile phone network; this connection is then harnessed by the Internet-enabled mobile device. A common example is a smartphone that harnesses a 3G or 4G wireless network for Internet connectivity. However, any number of mobile devices may be compatible with mobile broadband.

Benefits of mobile broadband

The greatest benefit of mobile broadband technology is universal (or near universal) access to the Internet. With mobile broadband, individuals can access the Internet from anywhere, at any time. This can allow them to use a web browser, log in to a social media platform, or connect to the cloud, all without having to tap into an area WiFi network. The possibilities afforded by a wireless wide area network are nearly limitless.

On a tablet or laptop, mobile broadband technology enables users to watch videos on YouTube, send emails, browse the Internet, access content from cloud-based storage accounts, and upload files while on the go. This technology provides individuals the ability to use their laptops and tablets in the same manner they would their smartphones – anywhere they choose. It greatly increases the capabilities and usability of tablets and laptops by making them not just portable but truly mobile.

Which Lenovo laptops have mobile broadband capabilities?

Lenovo's ThinkPad Series of laptops – including the X Series and T Series – feature 3G and 4G connectivity as an option for greater freedom of use. The benefits these laptops provide over traditional laptops limited to a WiFi connection cannot be overstated. With wireless broadband compatibility, students and professionals alike can access the Internet from anywhere – whether there's a local WiFi network or not. Sometimes when people are on the go, they find that a smartphone simply won't suffice and only a laptop can do. In those instances, a laptop with mobile broadband capabilities is an absolute must.

Browse Lenovo’s ThinkPad Series today to explore mobile broadband compatible laptops perfect for all of your computing needs.

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