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What is Lenovo Smart Tab?

Lenovo Smart Tab with Amazon Alexa is a new kind of 2-in-1 smart tablet. It combines an ultraportable Android tablet with a voice assistant-enabled tabletop smart screen – creating an innovative smart home tablet.

Think of Lenovo Smart Tab as a smart home hub you can use on the go as a conventional tablet. Or think of it as a tablet that can switch to voice-activated Show Mode (with functions similar to Amazon Echo Show) to help you answer the doorbell or turn out the lights.

The Lenovo Smart Tab and included Lenovo Smart Dock are the latest in Lenovo's growing collection of innovative smart devices and gadgets that help you control your home, call up recipes, view your calendar, and more. They join the ground-breaking Lenovo Smart Display and an expanding list of smart accessories such as the Lenovo Smart Plug, Lenovo Smart Bulb and the new Lenovo Smart Clock.

Lenovo Smart Tab components

Lenovo Smart Tab is one part premium Android tablet, one part Alexa virtual assistant, and one part home-control smart display. It’s a truly unique combination of three powerful components:

  • Lenovo Smart Tab 10.1" Android tablet

    Goes with you anywhere to watch movies, run apps, read email, entertain the kids -- whatever you do with any tablet device

  • Amazon Alexa virtual assistant

    Helps you answer the doorbell, order groceries, check traffic and more, with new Alexa “Skills” being released nearly every day

  • Lenovo Smart Dock base/charger

    Puts the tablet in Show Mode (the visual form of the Alexa assistant) as soon you dock it, and adds booming speakers and far-field mics for room-wide usability

Earlier 2-in-1 designs – still highly popular with consumers -- added tablet functionality to a traditional laptop. The Lenovo Smart Tab takes a new 2-in-1 approach, combining the easy mobility of a tablet with the convenience of a semi-stationary smart home hub. So it’s ideal for families who like having a tablet available to browse the web, binge-watch videos and connect over social media, but who also want a voice-enabled speaker/display to utilize all of today’s smart home gadgets and controls.

What can you do with Lenovo Smart Tab?

The new Lenovo Smart Tab gives you options. You can use it as a personal entertainment device or as an Amazon Alexa-powered smart display – or both. Here’s just some of what you can do:

As a stand-alone Android tablet, use Lenovo Smart Tab to:

  • Check your email and Facebook feeds
  • Read and post social media messages
  • Run your favorite apps and games
  • Take pictures and capture video
  • Stream movies and other content
  • And more… it’s a full-feature Android tablet

As a smart screen with Amazon Alexa, use Lenovo Smart Tab to:

  • Answer your video doorbell
  • TTurn on/off lights and camera feeds
  • Find and view recipes, how-to videos
  • Check news, weather, traffic, etc.
  • Video-call with friends and family
  • And more… new Alexa Skills come out often

Lenovo Smart Tab details

Lenovo launched the new Lenovo Smart Tab in two versions, each with the included Lenovo Smart Dock. The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 delivers the full set of standard Smart Tab functions while the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 adds a premium body design, extra memory and storage, enhanced audio, and a special security feature.

Here are some Lenovo Smart Tab highlights:

Specifications: Lenovo Smart Tab spec
Lenovo Smart Tab P10 Lenovo Smart Tab M10
Display screen 10.1” FHD (1920 x 1200) LCD IPS 10.1” FHD (1920 x 1200) LCD IPS
Dimensions 9.53 x 6.57 x 0.28 in. / 242 x 167 x 7 mm 9.57 x 6.61 x 0.31 in. / 243 x 168 x 8 mm
Weight 0.97 lb. / 440 g 1.058 lb. / 480 g
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Operating Sys. Android Oreo Android Oreo
Battery life 10+ hours 8+ hours
Virtual Assist. Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa
Storage Up to 64 GB Up to 32 GB
Memory Up to 4 GB Up to 3 GB
Audio 4x front-facing Dolby Atmos speakers 2x front-facing Dolby Atmos speakers
Cameras Front 5MP fixed; rear 8MP auto Front 2MP fixed; rear 5MP auto
Extra features Dual-glass design; fingerprint sensor NA
Specifications: Lenovo Smart Dock (included)
Dimensions 2.58 x 11.17 x 1.97 in. / 65.5 x 283.6 x 50 mm 2.58 x 11.17 x 1.97 in. / 65.5 x 283.6 x 50 mm
Weight 1.76 lb. (800 g) 1.76 lb. (800 g)
Speakers 2x 3-watt full-range speakers 2x 3-watt full-range speakers
Microphones 3 far-field microphones 3 far-field microphones
Special features I/O, volume and mute buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, Pogo-pin charging connectors I/O, volume and mute buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, Pogo-pin charging connectors

Ready to get your hands on this new kind of cross-functional 2-in-1 device? Visit the Lenovo Smart Tab product page for complete specifications or to purchase your new system.

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