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What are the new Windows 10 features?

Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest version of one of the world's most popular desktop operating systems. With the launch of this new OS comes an entire host of new features and capabilities. If you are wondering why Windows 10 is worth your while, you may find your answer in the many new functions and options that are now available.

New Windows 10 features include the return of the Windows Start Menu, which is now more personal and intuitive than ever. There is also the inclusion of the Windows Shop, which gives you access to a host of online apps, music, video, and more. Cortana, the new digital assistant which can help you set up tasks, send an email, or simply conduct a Google search, is also available. Another addition to Windows 10 is a new browser, called Microsoft Edge, which lets you take notes and annotate directly onto a webpage. Finally, Windows Hello, which changes the login experience by making it more personal and secure – allows you to login with a fingerprint or simply your face, making the password a thing of the past.

Why should I consider upgrading to Windows 10?

New Windows 10 features are abundant, but perhaps even more noteworthy than the number of new features is how they change the user experience. Everything about Windows 10 is designed to make interacting with your computer, the Internet, and your friends more intuitive and simple than ever. In other words, Windows 10 is designed to make your life easier.

The new Windows start menu is a classic feature with a modern touch. Click on the start menu in the bottom-left of your screen and you will find commonly used apps and shortcuts to other applications right alongside the “All Apps” menu. In this way, you can access programs more easily than ever. The new personal digital assistant, Cortana, also makes using your computer more personal and inviting. If you have a microphone on your device you can simply dictate what you want done and Cortana will take care of the rest.

How can I tell if a Lenovo product comes with Windows 10?

One of the simplest ways to tell if a Lenovo product comes with Windows 10 is by looking at the Technical Specifications (or simply Specifications) section of any product page. You can also filter products by operating system to easily narrow your search to those devices that meet your criteria. For example, if you need a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer that runs Windows 10 Pro, you can search using the filtering options.

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