Recycling Programs - New Zealand

Lenovo’s Free Battery Recycling

Lenovo’s free battery recycling service is offered in partnership with Infoactiv as part of a wider take-back and recycling program for all products, parts and components associated with our products. In pursuit of Lenovo’s sustainability policies and programs, the battery recycling program operates to the highest environmental and workplace standards. It covers all batteries from Lenovo products. Most importantly, it is a free service, so you can protect the environment at no cost and make sure it happens safely.

Our Helpdesk Number makes the battery take-back process easy and helps to keep batteries out of landfill. Simply call our number and we will arrange a free pick-up service or mail-back option depending on your location and the quantity for return. Call 1800 489 278 and be part of the battery recycling solution. Alternatively, fill in our easy online form and you will be contacted shortly to arrange the collection. Please click here.

WEEE Marking Notice

The WEEE marking on Lenovo products applies to all countries with WEEE and e-waste regulations (e.g., European Directive 2002/96/EC, India E-Waste Management & Handling Rules, 2011). Appliances are labeled in accordance with local regulations concerning waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). These regulations determine the framework for the return and recycling of used appliances as applicable within each geography. This label is applied to various products to indicate that the product is not to be thrown away, but rather put in the established collective systems for reclaiming these end of life products.

PC Recycling Service

Lenovo offers recycling and/or environmentally conscious disposal services for all Lenovo branded PCs, products and IBM branded PCs, Notebooks, and Monitors manufactured by Lenovo after May 1, 2005. These services are free to private individuals (consumers) and businesses will receive a competitive quote based upon the logistics, quantities, and age of the equipment. For details on how to take advantage of this offering, owners of qualified equipment should send inquires to