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Lenovo New Realities Aisha Coulibaly sitting at desk


Aisha Coulibaly

Aisha learned at an early age about the challenges of immigration and grew up surrounded by different languages, religions, traditions and customs, developing an appreciation for diversity. In 2017, she founded MyGrants, an app that connects new immigrants with job opportunities and acts as a social network by mapping their talents, skills, interests, background, and potential.

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Lenovo New Realities Xintong Zhou smiling



Xintong Zhou is the founder of “The Flower of Northern Sichuan”, a group dedicated to educating girls in rural areas. Xintong first established a Girl Up club at her school to encourage girls to change their world by working together. Xintong is pursuing her dream job at the United Nations after earning a PhD so she can empower women on a broader global scale. Technology has given Xintong the opportunity to teach and progress her girls group, harnessing the ability to teach virtually during COVID-19 and post pandemic.

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Lenovo New Realities Bia Franco standing with drums



Growing up in a Brazilian favela (slum), Bia had to fight from the beginning to make something of her life. Bia found her “family” among the girls of Instituto As Valquiras, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for girls, women and their children in situations of social and emotional vulnerability. On a mission to transform the lives of children through education and music, they tour Brazil giving musical lectures in public schools, underprivileged communities, businesses and congresses with different themes that strengthen and inspire women and girls. Bia uses technology to bring her mission to life.

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“There are two aims for the group, educating girls and empowering them.”

– Xintong Zhou
Lenovo New Realities Noi Tatsuzaki sitting



Noi is a rising star in the field of technology, developing products such as face shields to tackle COVID-19. By the end of May, she had already designed, 3D printed and shipped hundreds of face shields across the country. Whilst robotics is Noi’s passion, her inspiration is to bring a human and emotional dimension to technology and she is committed to taking the steps to bring robotics and technology to a new generation of girls in Japan.

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Lenovo New Realities Khady Dieng Smiling



Khady, a second-generation immigrant from Senegal, has dedicated her life to promoting digital inclusion for people who are disadvantaged. Khady’s work sees her engage with young and old, using technology to educate, build communities and create opportunities for those in an underserved area.

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“I want them to make a connection with the neighborhood and collaborate in some way.”

– Khady Dieng
Lenovo New Realities Kemi Dauda taking selfie



As a young, black student attending a majority white university, Kemi recalled times when she struggled to find her place during her higher education experience. But after having overcome adversity to get there – including creating an award-winning app through the NAF Lenovo Scholar Network that addressed the illiteracy rate in Detroit – Kemi never stopped believing in the power of hard work and ambition. Kemi launched her non-profit, Bringing Hope Back Home, last year, determined to give back to her community. She helps young people look at their futures differently by using technology to provide guidance and training for students who are preparing for their next steps in college and career.

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Lenovo New Realities Daze Aghaji working on laptop



Born and raised in a one-bedroom flat in north London, Daze’s love of the natural world grew when she left behind a violent father and moved to rural Lincolnshire. She has never looked back. An eloquent and passionate climate campaigner who uses technology to connect, she has become one of the UK’s leading environmental advocates, collaborating with hundreds of campaign groups around the world.

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“A girl from the favela can be anything she wants to be.”

– Bia Franco
Lenovo New Realities Mariann Avila



Mariann was just 15 years old when she set up her own NGO, School on the Road, and is passionate about the transformative power of education. Her life’s mission is to make education available to all, particularly young girls from underprivileged backgrounds. Using technology, she is focused on bringing STEM education to small towns and villages outside of Monterrey, one of the most violent areas of Mexico, and through her NGO has reached and supported countless young girls across Mexico.

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Lenovo New Realities Jamilah Bagdach



Jamilah is passionate about empowering girls through technology. She runs “Girls with Wings”, a program which teaches girls to explore their potential through digital tools. She trains young women in digital technology, using computers, cameras and social media to help them use their own voices.

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“I want to make the invisible voices heard in Germany.”

– Jamilah Bagdach
Lenovo New Realities Ashwini Doddalingappanavar setting up camera



Growing up in a small village in Karnataka, Ashwini experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities for young women in rural India. Having defied convention and expectations of her family and village, today she works full-time transforming children’s technological education in villages like her own. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our crew wasn’t able to make it to Karnataka. This remarkable 360-degree film was entirely self-shot by Ashwini, who, having never used this tech before, was remotely directed by our production team.

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