Noi Tatsuzaki

Lenovo New Realities Noi Tatsuzaki looking at smartphone

Despite still being in high school, Noi is a rising star in the field of technology, developing valuable products such as 3D-printed face shields to tackle COVID-19.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, she has self-produced face shields for Japanese medical firms with a laptop and 3D printer.

Noi, a budding inventor, does everything herself: designing, building, taking orders and shipping. By the end of May, she had already shipped hundreds of face shields across the country.

And that is just the beginning. The 16-year-old is a key member of a robotic engineering collective called Sakura Tempesta, competing in – and winning – the first Robotics World Championships last year.

Whilst robotics is Noi’s passion, her motivation is to bring a human and emotional dimension to technology. She is committed to taking the steps to bring robotics and technology to a new generation of girls in Japan.

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