Jamilah Bagdach

Lenovo New Realities Jamilah Bagdach

Jamilah is passionate about empowering young women and girls through technology. She runs Girls with Wings, a program that shows them how to explore their potential by using digital tools.

Striving for change is in her blood. At the age of 11, she created a social enterprise alongside her mother that addresses the crossover between sexism and racism.

Today, she trains young women and girls in digital technology, using computers, cameras and social media to help them use their own voices. Jamilah has also set up an online publishing house aimed at providing a platform for people from minority groups.

“I want to make the invisible voices heard in Germany,” she says. “We can’t afford really expensive digital tools, but we work with what we have. I love to feel the power and energy of girls and help them understand that they are important, sometimes for the first time in their lives.”