Bia Franco

Lenovo New Realities Bia Franco applying makeup

Growing up in a Brazilian favela (slum), Bia had to fight from the beginning to make something of her life. Today she stands as an inspirational, empowering embodiment of her mantra that: “A girl from the favela can be anything she wants to be.”

Bia found her “family” among the girls of Instituto As Valquiras, an organization dedicated to providing opportunities for girls, women and their children in situations of social and emotional vulnerability.

Her mother spent much of Bia’s youth in and out of prison, and her father and uncle were both killed in drug trafficking-related incidents.

Thanks to the Instituto Gerando Falcões, she has developed new skills in technology and music. She has joined its band – a troupe of six young women and girls who write and perform their own music.

On a mission to transform the lives of children through education, technology and music, they tour Brazil giving musical lectures in public schools, underprivileged communities, business and congresses with different themes that help inspire girls and young women. In fact, all the music you hear in Lenovo’s New Realities film series is specially created, produced and performed by Bia’s group.