Ashwini Doddalingappanavar

Lenovo New Realities Ashwini Doddalingappanavar setting up camera

Growing up in a small village in Karnataka, Ashwini experienced first-hand the lack of opportunities for young women in rural India.

After her best friend was forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 12, Ashwini was determined to take a different route for her future. She defied the concerns of her parents and expectations of her community by going to Bangalore to get trained and work.

In a region known for its conservative values, technology provided an outlet and an opportunity for her to learn. Though at first, Ashwini was unable to operate a smartphone, she later learned to harness technology for her own education and independence.

Today, she works full time to transform the education of children in villages like her own, managing 30 schools as an implementation associate for the charity Meghshala.

Dedicated to showing how technology can improve lives, Ashwini has even returned to her old school and trained her past teacher.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our crew wasn't able to make it to Karnataka, so this remarkable 360-degree film was entirely self-shot by Ashwini, who having never used this type of technology before, was remotely directed by our production team.

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