Khady Dieng

Lenovo New Realities Khady Dieng

Khady, a second-generation immigrant from Senegal, has dedicated her life to promoting digital inclusion for people with disadvantages.

Based in the 20th arrondissement of Paris – one of the city’s grittier boroughs – she learned at an early age that life can be tough.

Having dropped out of university in 2017, she threw herself into volunteer work and found her calling with Le Garage Numerique, an association that teaches technological literacy to the urban poor.

Khady’s work sees her engage with young and old, using technology to educate, build communities and create opportunities for those in underserved communities.

At just 22, she has also created a non-profit organization for urban artists called Beatume. “I want to make the urban culture of our neighborhood visible, so I arrange events that involve artists and rappers,” she says. “I want them to make a connection with the neighborhood and collaborate in some way.”

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