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The drivers of real change in the 21st century are young and female. Against the odds, young women are leading the conversation around the burning issues of today.

On education, poverty, social injustice, technological literacy and equality, their collective voices are rising up all around the planet and demanding to be heard.

New Realities is a global project from Lenovo that invites you to see the world through their eyes. To hear their thoughts first-hand, witness the positive change they want to see and help make that change a reality.

Ten films, each story shot in 360-degree Virtual Reality, invite you into the worlds of young female change makers around the world – from Bangalore to Berlin to Bologna and beyond.

Inspirational, insightful and fully immersive, our 360-degree films allow you to walk through a portal and into the world of these young women. Using technology to enhance the storytelling helps give the audience a unique perspective, creating a sense of presence, a strong connection and, importantly, a deeper level of empathy.

Best experienced through VR, these films can also be viewed on any screen, from a laptop to smartphone, bringing every angle into view with the turn of your head or scroll of a mouse.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the New Realities project. If you are interested in sharing your stories or feedback, you can do so by emailing newrealities@lenovo.com. Any information you provide will not be used for other commercial purposes and will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party. Please refer to our privacy statement.

Campaign mission

Empathy is one of the greatest untapped human drivers of positive change. It’s the one unifying instinct that can compel us to find solutions to the global challenges we are facing today.

We believe that through Lenovo’s vision – “Smarter Technology For All” – technology can be democratized and a catalyst that empowers individuals to make a positive impact for a better world.

As we have discovered along the way, the young female change makers are all uncompromising, passionate, forward-looking and fearless in their quest for a better New Reality. Now is time to start an empathetic journey to understanding diverse perspectives and issues that ultimately affect us all. 

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