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Laptops for College

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College PCs & More

Browse, buy & save on PCs tailored for higher education needs. Don’t forget to get your exclusive savings through our Student Discount program.

College PCs
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Computers for college students

Whether you’re confidently beginning the application process, already packing up for the big move, or even midway through your core concentration – one tool you’ll always need as a college student is a reliable and fast computer. These days, there are few reasons for a college student to explore purchasing any type of computer beyond a laptop. Laptops are generally light and mobile enough to ensure they don’t add much more heft to the already-cumbersome loadout of textbooks and other supplies taking up seemingly permanent residence in your campus backpack. But there are exceptions. And we’re here to help you decide.

At Lenovo, we have plenty of college computer options. So, we’re confident whether you choose the mobility of a laptop or the extra horsepower a stationary desktop computer can offer – you’ll find a college computer that feels tailor-made to your needs.

The best laptops for college fit easily into campus life. They keep your academic work safe and are robust enough to spend their days moving from your backpack to your desk, or the college library. Great laptops for college last until your graduation and beyond.


Our best laptops for college students

As stated above, laptops are the top choice across today’s modern college campuses. And the reasons are clear. Over the last several years, laptops have advanced to the point that many models have the speed and efficiency to match up with some of their desktop counterparts. What’s more, a laptop isn’t always just a laptop anymore. There are models that easily fold into a tablet, models with the power to run the hottest PC games, and some models that are just as efficient as the rest but help cut costs. Some of our most popular laptops for college students might be:

        Light and flexible 2 in 1 Yoga laptops  that are great for both study, downtime, and touchscreen interaction.

        Legion gaming laptops hold the raw power to run today’s latest games but feature a more neutral design that blends into classroom environments.

        Ultra-sturdy ThinkPad laptops that are ready for everything a University can throw at you, and then the business world beyond.

Still, wondering where to go? Or what to choose? Don’t worry, we know, it sounds like there are a lot of choices out there. And there is. So, to help a bit more, we’ve broken down our top college laptops and computers by area of study.

        Our best laptop for architecture students:


·         Our best laptop for computer science students:


·         Our best laptop for engineering students:


·         Our best laptops for programming students:


·         Our best laptop for medical students:


·         Our best laptop for nursing students:


·         Our best laptop for business students:


·         And our best laptops for graduate students:


Don’t fit into these categories of good laptops for college?

Don’t worry. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the options available to you. Your chosen degree is one aspect that can help you find a laptop. Another great way of figuring out which college laptop is right for you is to make a list of all the things you expect to use your computer for.

Laptops for college and gaming, for example, also have the power to run video editing software. That is an important factor for anyone applying for media studies or similar programs. 

College student laptop deals

At Lenovo, we’ve got more affordable laptops for college students as well. And while we don’t generally view any of our laptop models as “affordable” or “budget,” we’d be remiss if we didn’t let you know that we offer year-round discounts on some of our top college laptop models. So, before you buy, check out today’s deals.

Choosing one of the best affordable laptops for college students doesn’t mean compromising on quality. Our computers will still support you through your degree and keep your academic work safe. When it comes to selecting the best affordable laptops for college take a look at your budget and match it with the most powerful computer you can afford.

Remember you are buying a computer to last you a few years. It’s worth looking just beyond your budget for the best affordable laptops for college students as they may last you longer.


Our best computer for college students

When shopping for a laptop, it’s easy to see there’s more diversity in the available offerings than ever before. Desktop computers, in their way, are a bit more diverse as well, but you’ll still see much of the same “rectangular box” design across most brands as you did 20 years ago.

Don’t let the shell fool you.

Desktops still have a prominent place for those with high-powered needs. For gamers, computer science majors, or aspiring programmers, architects, and engineers, a desktop computer in one form or another is often the best choice.

Some of the best desktop computers for college students are modular. They allow you to upgrade components as required and grow with you and your educational needs. If your budget allows, you could also consider combining great laptops for college with a desktop.

But, it’s not as easy to tell you what the best computer for any college student is, and that’s because desktops computers generally serve more focused needs as laptops.

For extreme gamers, we suggest you look at our Legion line of gaming desktop towers. Legion towers come with all the bells, whistles, and extreme power today’s gamers expect the latest and greatest Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce Series graphics, transparent side panels, RGB lighting effects, and more.

Saying that laptops for college and gaming have gained in capability and sheer computing power recently. As a result, the top-performing best laptops for college students will easily allow you to combine study and gaming. 

But for the nothing but down-to-business college student, we highly suggest our ThinkStation P Series line of workstation desktop computers. Workstation power goes above and beyond that of a normal desktop computer, and that’s often what you’ll need for

Power-draining applications are often employed by computer science majors, programmers, architects, and engineers.

And don’t forget that for those cramped dorm rooms, college apartments, and especially for remote college attendees, we have space-saving models that fit perfectly into more narrow spaces. Look to our stylish IdeaCentre All in One PCs or range of M Series Tiny desktops.


Desktop or laptop? Get the best of both worlds

Are you finding it hard to choose between the best desktop computers for college students and the best laptops for college? There is an alternative that might help you combine the best of both worlds.

Have you considered a larger monitor for the desk in your dorm with laptops for college and gaming? Many college students don’t necessarily need the computing power of a desktop, but they enjoy working with a larger display. Compare this option to buying both a desktop and a laptop computer to see the benefits. Choosing the combination of an external monitor and a laptop not only leaves you with more space in your dorm room. It will also free up part of your budget.

As a result, choosing great laptops for college becomes easier. When you are shopping for your laptop, think about other devices you are taking with you to university. Good laptops for college allow you to do your work, but they will also integrate seamlessly with the rest of your electronic gadgets.


Invest in your future

Like your education, choosing the best laptops for college students is about investing in your future. However, few college students have an unlimited budget to spend. That means affordability is an important factor when you look for your next computer. Searching for excellent value for money does not always mean compromising to the detriment of what your computer can do in terms of academic work.

Striking a balance is the key to finding the best affordable laptops for college. Focus on your must-haves rather than the features that would be nice to have. Combined with a reasonable budget, this focus will already help narrow down your search.

Remember to research whether your degree will require you to use specific software your laptop needs to handle. Moreover, whilst some laptops allow you to upgrade their memory and other features after your initial purchase, desktops generally provide more flexibility.

Shopping for the best laptops for college can be fun! The process is easiest if you are clear about your requirements. Balancing budgetary and space constraints with the need for computing power doesn’t need to be difficult. Take a look at our wide range of choices for college students and be inspired!

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