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Wireless Gaming Keyboards

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Gaming Keyboards

Find the best gaming keyboard for your style of play at Lenovo. Shop wireless, mechanical, small, and more model types from Lenovo and top brands.

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Featured Products

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Gaming Keyboards


Today’s pro gaming keyboards offer endless variety. Top-tier models offer a full keyboard layout, including the number pad, entertainment-ready shortcut keys, game-specific features, and RGB lighting effects. Small gaming keyboards, while still offering premium builds and features, remove the number pad in exchange for the increased mobility preferred by traveling esports pros.


No matter your preference, Lenovo has a wide array of gaming keyboard styles that will fit your needs – not only from trusted brands you know and love but also direct from Lenovo.


Lenovo Legion gaming keyboard and mouse or gaming keyboards and mouse are built with a full set of gaming capabilities that rival the features offered by any of the top brands. But if you’ve always called one brand your own, Lenovo has you covered there too. Lenovo offers custom gaming keyboards from renowned brands.


Many gamers have long used a mechanical gaming keyboard as their preferred choice for virtual battle – preferring the distinct and sure click of each key in the midst of conquest. And slowly, yet surely, wireless technology has evolved to levels where, as of today, there is seemingly no discernable difference in connection speeds between a wireless gaming keyboard and a wired gaming keyboard. However, you might just save a few bucks on a wired razer gaming keyboard should your setup not be impacted by another wire. And as its usefulness has come into question in many competitive landscapes, tons of gamers have begun to opt for the space-saving benefits of a mini gaming keyboard that does not include the traditional number pad.


And I think we speak for most gamers when we say that a flashy RGB keyboard is a must-have for those gamers who want to show off a bit more than just their skill.


All those considerations and more await you on your journey to the next best gaming keyboard or best gaming keyboards. What we can say for sure, though, is whatever your gaming keyboard preferences, Lenovo has one just for you.


Why Do You Need a Gaming Keyboard?


When you're shopping for gaming accessories, a quiet gaming keyboard is a must-buy since it's the most important piece of hardware. A good gaming keyboard or good gaming keyboards will provide faster, more accurate keystrokes while gaming.


It will also have features that improve your gaming experience. Here are five reasons to invest in a one-handed gaming keyboard:


·         Comfort: In recent years, games have become earlier to play and more user-friendly. However, some games still need to be played for long hours where you have to finish extended missions. Sometimes, you may be playing a game for hours before you can end it. A gaming keyboard provides comfort for extended periods of gaming. These keyboards are built with well-spaced and full-sized keys that allow you to move your hands comfortably without putting much strain on your wrists and hands.


·         Mechanical Keys: Gaming keyboards sport mechanical keys. These keys provide a satisfying feel with each keystroke and make it easier to press multiple keys simultaneously. Since gaming often involves a lot of button mashing, the fast response time of mechanical keys is crucial for competitive gamers. Plus, you can type much faster on mechanical keys since they don't require you to put too much force.


·         Backlighting: Wireless gaming keyboard and mouse often come with backlighting that makes it easy to see the keys in low light, especially if you're playing at night or have a low-lit gaming setup. Thanks to backlighting, you'll be able to see all keys clearly, even in low light. Some gaming keyboards also have RGB lighting that can be customized to match the color scheme of your gaming PC or room. 


·         Macro Keys: Macro keys are another great addition to a white gaming keyboard. These keys allow you to program different key combinations that can execute a string of commands with just one press. For instance, you can set up a macro key to instantly heal yourself or reload your ammo during a game. This can come in handy if you need to quickly execute a series of commands without having to search for them on the keyboard.


·         Wrist Rest: Most 60 gaming keyboard also come with a wrist rest. This is where you can keep your hands and wrists relaxed while you're gaming. If you play games for long hours, you'll notice that your arms and wrists get strained. Over time, this could lead to musculoskeletal problems too. However, with a gaming keyboard that comes with a wrist rest, you can avoid this and stay comfortable while playing games.


How to Find the Best Lenovo Gaming Keyboard?


There are a lot of different gaming keyboards on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. That's why we've put together this guide to help you find the best wireless gaming keyboard or best wireless gaming keyboards for your needs.


Even when you're on a budget and want to choose a keyboard from a list of the top 10 cheap gaming keyboards, you should still consider some necessary features. Without these features, a gaming keyboard is just as good as a regular one. This is how you can choose the best gaming keyboard and mouse.

·         Size: Typically, you'll find gaming keyboards of two sizes: tenkeyless and full-size. Tenkeyless keyboards are smaller and don't have a numeric keypad. If you don't need the numeric keypad, then go for a tenkeyless keyboard, as it'll take up less space on your desk.


For example, in gaming keyboards, 60 percent are keyboards that do not have navigation key clusters, arrow keys, F keys, or a number pad. Gaming keyboards 60 percent are best for gamers who don't have enough space on their desk for a full-size keyboard.


Full-size wireless gaming keyboards, as the name suggests, are full-sized and include a numeric keypad. This is ideal if you need the extra keys and have enough space on your gaming desk.


You should also use a tenkeyless keyboard if you like to keep the mouse near the WASD keys. Some gamers find this placement to be more convenient and comfortable. If you can relate, tenkeyless keyboards are your go-to.


·         Key Customizations: Most types of gaming keyboards will allow you to customize the keys for different in-game actions. These keys are called macros, and they let you map keyboard keys to functions in the game.

For example, you can designate the ''PrtSc'' key for loading your ammo. Some keyboards have this function, while others let you save different macro sets for each game.


Now, if you play multiple games, you should find a gaming keyboard and mouse or gaming keyboard and mouse combo that has extra key customizations so that macros don't need to be reset every time. But if you only play a few games, a gaming keyboard and mouse for ps4 with limited customizations will also work for you.


·      Membrane vs Mechanical: All      types of gaming keyboards have one of the two technologies: membrane or      mechanical. Mechanical keys are more durable and have a longer lifespan      than membrane keys. They also require less force to actuate, which is why      they're popular among gamers.


Cheap membrane gaming keyboards, on the other hand, are cheaper but don't offer the same feedback or tactile response as mechanical keys. However, they tend to be more comfortable to use and are good for gamers who have a habit of pushing the keys a bit too hard.


When you search for the top 10 cheap gaming keyboards, you'll notice that most of them are membrane keyboards since their mechanical counterparts tend to be more expensive.


·      Anti-Ghosting: In a gaming keyboard wireless, ghosting means that when more than one key is pressed, some of the keys will not be registered. This can cause you to miss shots or make a wrong move in the game.


When you buy gaming keyboards online, make sure they have anti-ghosting features so that you don't end up making the wrong moves even when you're playing in a rush.


·      Platform: Where do you play your games? If you play them on a computer, you won't have any trouble finding the right gaming keyboard and mouse wireless since all types of gaming keyboards work with a PC.


But what if you want gaming keyboards that work with Xbox One because that's where you play games? If you're looking for gaming keyboards that work with Xbox One, you can easily find 60% of models or those with mechanical keys.


·      Budget: When you buy a Logitech gaming keyboard or Logitech gaming keyboards online, you'll notice that they fall in different price ranges. The more features a keyboard has, the more expensive it will be.


A keyboard with backlighting, art rest, and mechanical keys will be more expensive than one that lacks these features. You should make a list of the features that are a priority for you and determine your budget accordingly.


If you're on a budget, you might want to try searching for the top 10 best budget gaming keyboards to find one that works for you. However, even when you're taking a pick from the top 10 best budget gaming keyboards, make sure you don't forget to look for the features mentioned above.


Need more help deciding? Check our Lenovo FAQs for tips on what to look for in a gaming keyboard best. 



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