Performance and durability in our flagship laptop series. The superior design and build of the ThinkPad T Series, as well as our award-winning, spill-resistant keyboards, exceptional security features, and strong performance set these laptops as the gold standard.

    • 14” slim, light laptop with up to 20 hours’ battery
    • Amazing display options including Dolby Vision®
    • Robust privacy & encryption security
    • 14” corporate workhorse
    • Healthcare Edition available
    • Enhanced security, physical & biometric
    • 15.6” corporate workhorse
    • Enhanced security, physical & biometric
    • Discrete graphics option
    • 15.6” powerful business standard laptop
    • 27-hr battery life, re-designed side docking
    • Fast data transfer & video ports, built-in security
    • 14” light yet powerful business laptop
    • 15.6-hr battery life, stunning graphics
    • Enhanced audio, advanced security features
    • 14” productivity-enhancing business laptop
    • 13.9-hr battery life, re-designed side docking
    • Enhanced security, inc. ThinkShutter (optional)
    • 14" portable business laptop
    • Powerful, fast, and secure
    • Durable with all-day battery life
    • 14" productivity-enhancing laptop
    • Ultra powerful, reliable, & secure
    • Durable with 12.5-hour battery life
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Lenovo has won more than 100 international awards for forward-thinking design.