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Laptop Deals  
Best Deals on Laptops

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Lenovo Laptop Deals


If you're looking for the best laptop deals at the lowest prices and the greatest value, you've come to the right place: shop Lenovo's laptops for sale. The limited time discounts and deals on laptops found here can save you some serious coin on a new laptop for work, school, home, or gaming.

With cheap laptop deals on best sellers like Lenovo ThinkPad , IdeaPad, Yoga, and Legion gaming laptops, it's finally time to buy that laptop you've been eyeing while we have the best deals on laptop computers.

Who knows, you might find the perfect back to school laptop deals with choices that provide all the functionality and capabilities required to ace that first assignment. You will also find a range of touch screen laptop deals that can be an ideal choice for drawing and note-taking or even a 4k laptop for a smooth, crystal clear picture.

With no shortage of Lenovo laptop deals, there is bound to be a superb choice for anyone and everyone, regardless of what you’re going to use your new laptop for.

The Best Laptop Deals Today...and Every Day!

Plenty of retailers and PC manufacturers hold their best prices in reserve for the biggest holiday sales periods each year. Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Labor Day (or Labour Day, for our Canadian friends), Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or one of dozens of other local, national, or even global celebrations, customers eager to find the best price on a new laptop when they need it most are often left waiting and wanting in anticipation of the next major sale period.

There is nothing worse than finding a great deal that fits your needs and budget only to find out that it’s no longer available or it’s sold out.

At Lenovo, sure, we love to celebrate alongside you by releasing some extra special laptop discounts around major holidays, but it's also our mission to not keep you waiting when you need a great deal anytime throughout the year. That's why you'll find some of the best laptop deals today, and every day, right here at the Lenovo Laptops Sale.

So whether you're looking to create, conduct business, game, or study, Lenovo will always have a deal and a great laptop ready to meet your needs...and your budget.

Looking for i7 laptop deals that offer incredibly high-performance capabilities and innovative features? Maybe you’re looking for touch screen laptops for sale to take your creative drawing skills even further. Whatever it is you’re looking for, and no matter the time of year, Lenovo has what you’re looking for.

Business Laptop Deals

For those who need a truly portable office, our ThinkPad line of business-class laptops is the industry benchmark for on-the-go reliability. Choose from powerful Ultrabook models that weigh less than 2.5 pounds, or value-oriented workhorses for an economical work laptop today while we have deals for laptops.

Check out our deals on ThinkPad laptops with up to the latest Intel® Core™ or AMD Ryzen™ processors and blazing-fast SSD options. Get new laptops for sale! These world-renowned PCs are packed with professional-grade features, including lightweight designs and long-lasting batteries for the frequent business traveler. These are the best deals for laptops, don't miss them.

There is no more need to worry about choppy or unreliable video call connections when it comes to a product such as an i7 windows laptop for business. The i7 Intel Core is an advanced multi-core processor that offers even faster speeds and features that are much more advanced than other models out there.

Conducting daily business has never been easier, and a Lenovo business laptop deal can get you into the right machine at an affordable price. All without sacrificing any processing capabilities or performance

2 in 1 Laptop Deals

2 in 1 laptops combine the best features of a laptop and tablet into a single device, with an emphasis on versatility. These computers come in a variety of sizes and styles. There's a Lenovo 2 in 1 laptop for every budget during our laptop discount sale — you can find one with a capable processor or cutting-edge specs.

For instance, power users will love the Lenovo Yoga series, popular for its innovative features like Dolby Atmos® speakers fitted into the laptop's hinge. Enjoy sales on laptop computers with three-dimensional audio with plenty of low-end and treble, whether you're using it as a tablet, tent, or traditional laptop.
When you need access to a stylus, simply slide the Garaged Pen out of the laptop chassis. Have peace of mind knowing Lenovo offers unbeatable deals for computers. All in all, Lenovo Yoga offers incredible value in the 2 in 1 laptop category and is often included in our lineup of laptop deals online.

A 2 in 1 laptop provides some more flexibility depending on what you need it for and finding the right one can make your life easier in the long run. By taking the traditional form of a laptop and combining it with the functionality of a tablet, a 2 in 1 laptop offers more flexibility.

You get the best of both worlds when considering basic needs and overall convenience and they are super flexible. Being able to set it up in either a stand or tent mode lets you rotate and twist the screen into varying positions. Need to create a new presentation for work with the adaptability of the touchscreen? No problem. Need to take notes and add a few bits of text as you’re doing it? You can easily do that by using the keyboard.

You aren’t limited to one or the other, and seeing as how a 2 in 1 laptop is ultra-portable, you can do what you need to from anywhere.

Touchscreen Laptop Deals

Touchscreen laptops allow you to interact with your device in so many convenient ways. Just give your screen a tap or a swipe and your finger becomes the mouse by allowing you to interact with your files, folders, web browsers, and everything else your laptop has to offer just by touching the display. Want to quickly mute yourself on a conference call? Tap. Want to play that ultra-popular mobile game you just can't pull yourself away from on a bigger, more comfortable display? Have at it. Want to sketch out a diagram of your dream home? Draw away!

Touchscreen laptops simply provide additional and ultra-intuitive ways to interact with your favorite laptop. So if you're away from your office without your trusty mouse, or tired of constraining yourself within the bounds of the traditional laptop touchpad, your laptop screen can now be your portal for all you need to get done.

Check out some of the touch screen laptop deals to add a little more flexibility to your day and stay on top of everything on your to-do list. The extra flexibility that a touchscreen laptop provides means you can spend less time worrying and more time creating, conducting business, streaming, and browsing.

Looking for a new laptop means you’re going to consider several different factors. If you’re already aware of the benefits a touchscreen laptop can provide then you know exactly what you’re getting. But if you’re not sure, a touch screen laptop keeps things straightforward and allows for faster navigation.
The screens are developed to make navigating as easy as possible and you can undergo plenty of different tasks at the same time, since launching multiple applications and shifting from one another is much simpler.

Plus, a touch screen laptop comes with incredible color accuracy and brightness functions, making them more vibrant than a traditional laptop. You will also find that the displays are glossy instead of matte, which means they respond to your touch easier so there are no phantom touches or unwanted navigation when you’re in the middle of something important.

And did we mention that Lenovo's vast catalog of laptops features dozens of touchscreen models and you're sure to find a great deal on one any time throughout the year. So shop all of our touchscreen laptop deals today, right here on our Laptop Deals page.

Gaming Laptop Deals

Whether you're a hobbyist or pro-level player, you can beat the competition with a Lenovo gaming laptop. Take advantage of our new gaming laptops for sale. Every facet of a Lenovo gaming machine has been labored over from a hardcore gamer's perspective and includes specs like the latest Intel® Core™ or AMD Ryzen™ processors and the latest in graphics cards for smooth gameplay and rich details.

Ultra-fast memory, powerful processing, precision keyboards, and the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® or other discrete graphics are just some of the features we've included to create the ultimate laptop and the best PC deals.

Our deals for gaming laptops mean not only do you get the best price, but you don’t sacrifice any of the performance or customization you might be looking for to take your online performances to the next level. Do you like gaming on the go? A gaming laptop can go anywhere with you since they are lightweight and thin enough that portability isn’t an issue.

Everything you need to win on the battlefield is packed into a single device, from keyboard, mouse, speakers, and display, which gives you the freedom and mobility to log on from anywhere, any time.

And to take it even further, gaming laptops can still serve as a work or school laptop when you need them to. With more computing power they can be a great choice to combine everything you might need to do. Complete all your schoolwork or to-do lists throughout the day and once you clock out you’ll be ready to hop online with friends and play the best AAA game titles, all from the same laptop.

If you're looking to save on a gaming rig, our gaming laptop sale online will offer everything you need to run AAA PC game titles without breaking the bank. Find the best deals on gaming laptops today.

Black Friday Laptop Deals

Each year Lenovo kicks off the holiday season with their biggest sale of the year: the Lenovo Black Friday Sale. Whether you're looking for a new laptop for the upcoming school season, a productivity-boosting upgrade for your work life, or a powerful gaming laptop to help boost your KD ratio, you'll find the right laptop for you, at the best price of the season, when we begin to feature our best laptop deals of the year around Black Friday.

One of the greatest things about the Lenovo Black Friday sales is that even if you’re not actively in the market for a new laptop, the low prices are hard to turn down. But if you are on the lookout for a new laptop, make sure you keep an eye on the new deals as they pop up so you can take your productivity, gaming, or streaming to a whole new level. There’s no shortage of options to choose from so there is sure to be a laptop that suits your needs.

Black Friday sale pricing on our latest and greatest laptop offerings typically starts with exclusive sneak peek previews some weeks in advance to the actual day and date that Black Friday lands on, so make sure you're checking throughout the Fall season to ensure you don't miss exclusive, short-run deals on some of our top laptops – we're talking pricing that may match or even beat pricing you'll see closer to Black Friday itself.

Where will you find these deals as they pop up? Well, if you're looking for a Black Friday laptop deal you need go no further than the page you're currently on because our best laptop deals this Black Friday are found right here. But make sure you also keep at least one eye on our Doorbuster Deals to see all of the great deals Lenovo features throughout holidays.

Lenovo doorbusters is THE place to catch all of our most deeply-discounted products anytime throughout the year. And of course in the run-up to, and throughout the holiday shopping season, you'll find our best deals of the year on all things Lenovo on our Doorbuster Deals page. In addition to the best laptop deals, you'll find deals on Lenovo's entire catalog of products including desktops computers, tablets, accessories, software, and so much more.

Cyber Monday Laptop Deals

Did you think the fun would end when Black Friday ends? Lenovo, being a prominent online presence ourselves, would be remiss if we didn't keep the discounts coming through the most popular online shopping period of the year: Cyber Monday.

So if you missed that oh-so-enticing laptop deal of your dreams during our Black Friday Sale run, you'll certainly have another chance to score the right laptop model, at the right price, when we pick up immediately where Black Friday left off with our massive yearly Cyber Monday Sale.

Once again, you can snag all the top laptop deals during our Cyber Monday laptop sales right here on this very page. But also again, be sure to click over to our Doorbuster Deals during the Cyber Monday sale period to check out all the deeply-discounted products Lenovo offers, including our most prominently-featured laptops on sale. Or maybe you got the perfect laptop at the perfect price during our Black Friday Sale...well then Cyber Monday may just be the time to hop back to and score some heavily-discounted accessories to pair with your new laptop. You'll find those and more on the Lenovo Doorbuster Deals page.

Expect more from a modern computer with an SSD.

Today's deals for computers look different, because they are different. With solid-state drives (SSDs) and the latest in technology, you get speed, security, durability, and great design. We've taken a poll, and as it turns out, people are just happier when they go with a modern PC1. 1Source: Microsoft Customer Usage & Satisfaction Program -US FY18 (Q1-Q4). Shop now while we have the best deals on laptop computers.

It’s no longer a question of whether or not SSDs will rise in popularity compared to an HDD. The versatility of SSDs makes them perfect for everything from new PC builds, system builders, and whatever else you might need to take care of. The fast speeds make for shorter boot times and allow for more data transfers that are quicker due to higher bandwidth.

Plus, the stability of SSDs helps you stay confident that any of your sensitive or private data is securely stored. Sick and tired of slow page loading speeds or applications that seem as though they’re never going to launch? Using a computer with an SSD takes those worries away since everything you do will launch quicker and faster.

Laptop Accessories Sale

In addition to saving with our deals on laptops, you'll also find low prices on PC accessories and electronics, so you can replace that weathered laptop bag or purchase a backup power adapter. We also offer external speakers, gaming gear, VR headsets, and audio accessories to complete your setup. For at work or a home office, professional users will appreciate our docking station deals. These stations allow you to connect more devices (including always-on USB charging), boost security, and link multiple displays to your laptop.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Lenovo has the perfect range of accessories to choose from that fit any user's needs. And the fact that our laptop accessories sale makes them even more budget-friendly? Well, who doesn’t love a great sale?

Browse the latest computer accessories deals from top brands like Lenovo, Google, Logitech, to accompany the deals on laptops today.

Shop the Best Laptop Computer Deals Today!

It's not often that you find the best deals for laptops on a top laptop that delivers incredible performance. Whether you're searching for a quality laptop under $500, shopping for a college student, or considering a Chromebook, we have the best deals for computers — available exclusively online at, always with free shipping.

Searching for the perfect gaming laptop to keep you online longer with fewer disruptions and crystal clear graphics? Maybe you’re looking for the ideal back to school laptop to stay on top of assignments and projects. Or, you could be in the market for an affordable laptop for work that provides the necessary functionality and performance you would expect from a PC that’s much higher in price.

Take a look around. You might just find great deals on laptops today, deals for laptops that you've only been dreaming of.

Laptop Buying Guide

Getting great laptop deals is one thing, but how do you know if 8GB RAM is enough? Does the type of display really make a difference? We translate the tech talk and make it easy to understand what to look for when choosing from the best laptop deals. Learn what you need to know with the Laptop Buying Guide.

Lenovo eCoupon codes

Looking for more ways to save? Our Lenovo coupon codes deliver deep discounts on top Lenovo's laptop discount sale. Just click ADD TO CART on any product listed with a Lenovo eCoupon and the savings will apply automatically at checkout. Get the best deals on laptops today. Don't miss these Lenovo promo codes and the best deals for computers as they may not last!

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