• Overview


    XClarity Essentials is a collection of server management tools to help manage your server environment. XClarity Essentials makes managing your server environment less complicated, more productive, and cost-effective.

    Management Capability

    Firmware and Device Driver Update 
    Provide multiple ways to effectively update system component firmware and device driver for Lenovo x86 systems. You can accomplish update task within the target server or from a remote client endpoint.

    Inventory & Diagnostics
    Collect and analyze system information to aid in diagnosing system problems. Inventory results include platform component specific data (such as BMC, IO options), Operating System related data and logs (including FFDC). You can accomplish inventory task within the target server or from a remote client endpoint.

    System Setting Configuration
    View the current system configuration settings and make changes to BMC and UEFI. The saved configuration information can be used to replicate or restore other systems. You can accomplish configuration task within the target server or from a remote client endpoint.

    OS Deployment
    Assist OS installation with simplified process and minimal user intervention in a repeatable and predictable manner. You can also customize deployment solution based on pre-defined scripts.

    XClarity Essential Tools

    All-in-ONE portable command line utility for firmware / device driver update, inventory data / log collection and system setting configuration. Recommended for scripting and automation solution.

    Portable GUI software for online firmware and device driver update. Recommended for user with GUI preference.

    Bootable Media Creator
    Portable GUI software for offline firmware update by creating bootable media (ISO/CD/DVD, USB Key, PXE image) Recommended for bare-metal environment

    Software Download

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