Lenovo CIO Playbook 2024-It’s all about Smarter AI

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Navigating the AI Surge: EMEA Insights for 2024

Explore Lenovo's commissioned research e-book, which reveals key insights for EMEA organizations on AI adoption, investment priorities, challenges, and crucial spending for advancing digital business agendas in 2024.

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CIO Playbook 2024 - It’s all about Smarter AI

Did you know?

Of the surveyed CIOs and Business Decision Makers…

  • 90% see AI either as a game changer, or a must-do 
  • 83% prefer AI workloads in a non-public cloud environment
  • 45% say they lack the needed support from IT to deploy AI successfully
  • 38% say that adapting to compliance requirements is a top challenge in 2024

Discover more key insights and takeaways for CIOs to consider in the new IDC AI Playbook.  

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CIO Playbook 2024: 600 IT and Business Decision Makers on AI

As businesses look ahead to 2024, a notable wave of interest, planning, and investment is evident regarding the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) across organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This shift reflects organizations’ recognition of AI’s potential to enhance efficiency and competitiveness.

This eBook draws insights from custom research commissioned by Lenovo, which surveyed 600 IT and business decision makers from select organizations across EMEA. The research offers insights into prevailing attitudes and approaches toward AI adoption in EMEA, as well as business and IT investment priorities, key challenges, and spending imperatives to accelerate digital business agendas in 2024.


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