Data Center Solutions

Accelerate your business advantage with solutions from Lenovo

Accelerate your business advantage with solutions from Lenovo

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Accelerate your business advantage with solutions from Lenovo

We work closely with our software partners to provide you engineered, tested, and certified IT solutions that are high performance, scalable, and cost-effective.

Our solutions

Accelerate your business advantage with solutions from Lenovo

Abstract digital fabric

Accelerated by Intel®

Spend less time managing and more time innovating with Lenovo Solutions, Accelerated by Intel®.

Woman and AI digital twin

AI for All

From the "pocket to the cloud", Lenovo provides AI for all.

Digital padlock to convey backup & disaster recovery

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Let us help protect your data with our enterprise and SaaS data protection, ransomware mitigation, and everything else you need to keep your data safe and secure.

Abstracted data renderings suggesting big data and analytics

Big Data

Unlock the power of your data with Lenovo's big data solutions. Our Lenovo-engineered, big data-validated designs provide a highly reliable foundation for your business analytics solutions.

Woman with tablet in work setting

Business Applications

Leverage Lenovo business application solutions to run your business more efficiently. Our industry-leading business applications will help you enable innovation and drive profitable growth.

Lab workers with beakers and tablet using cloud computing

Cloud Computing

We offer cloud computing solutions that best fit your business requirements. Whether it's public, private, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud our solutions are open and ready to deploy.

Abstract rendering that suggests cloud service provider

Cloud service provider

Lenovo offers a winning combination of quality products, competitive pricing, speedy delivery, and unparalleled service and support. With unique time-to-bid cycles, we offer unparalleled CSP solutions.

Data center implementing database solutions


Our database solutions are optimized for Microsoft SQL Server, SAP HANA, and Oracle in transactional or data warehouse uses. Let our Lenovo experts help you achieve your goals.

Girl on plane entertained by in-flight system

Edge Computing

Process data where it resides – at the edge – with Lenovo's ThinkEdge portfolio. Ourpurpose-built devices give you an advantage in performance, security, and scalability.

IT people working on High-Performance Computing

High-performance computing

With industry-leading technology and global architects and experts, we take a customer-centric approach to provide the HPC solutions to best meet your business needs.

Two IT professionals working on hybrid cloud solutions in a data center environment

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Meet evolving market challenges with comprehensive hybrid cloud and business continuity solutions that optimize workloads and improve efficiency.

Work setting with people viewing DevOps solutions on a monitor

Kubernetes and Containers

Deploy and operate modern applications for delivery of cloud-ready services with Lenovo engineered solutions optimized for a wide range of Kubernetes distributions.

IT person with monitor depicting storage solutions


Keep your data available, accessible, and secure – always. Modernize your data management infrastructure with solutions that can scale, accelerate, and protect your data with new affordable consumption models.

Woman working on a virtualized client


Empower your workforce with Lenovo's virtual desktop infrastructure solutions. Our remote work solutions feature high-performance hardware and industry-leading VDI software.

Why Lenovo

Man surveying cityscape at dawn

Smarter Infrastructure for the Data-Centered

Lenovo empowers the Data-Centered with the technology, tools, and partnership to build a smarter future for everyone.

Multi-colored paint swatches depicting customer success stories

Customer success stories

Meet the world's researchers, pioneers, and visionaries who use smarter technology to transform the way we work and live.

Planning your next IT project?

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