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Server products


IT infrastructure you can trust

Lenovo's ThinkSystem servers remain the top choice for reliability and uptime, holding strong for the 10th year in a row. This achievement was highlighted in ITIC's 2023 Global Server Hardware OS Reliability Survey for Intel x86 platforms.

New - Lenovo V4 Portfolio and Intel® Xeon® 6 Enables AI at Any Scale

Front view of the ThinkSystem SR630 V4

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 V4

Reimagined performance with ultra efficiency and speed for cloud-scale and Telco 5G workloads.
Front view of the ThinkSystem SD520 V4

Lenovo ThinkSystem SD520 V4

Leverage extreme rack density and efficiency to accelerate compute-intensive and transactional workloads for online banking, e-retail, CSP & HPC.
ThinkSystem V4 front bezel

Enabling AI at Any Scale

Right-sized AI compute with efficient, secure, workload-optimized solutions increasing performance for organizations of all sizes.

High Performance Server products

Rack Servers

Rack Servers

From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads, Lenovo rack servers offer the unmatched value, flexibility and industry-leading efficiency to meet demands with legendary quality and reliability.

Tower Servers

Lenovo tower servers deliver powerful performance and versatile storage configurations in a small footprint for SMBs to large institutions. Get the reliability you expect from the data center, delivered in a package optimized for office environments.

Edge Servers

Designed and built with the unique requirements for Edge servers in mind, it is versatile enough to stretch the limitations of server locations, providing a variety of connectivity and security options and easily managed with Lenovo XClarity Controller.

Mission-Critical Servers

Don’t sacrifice performance to get high availability. With Lenovo mission critical servers you get best in class reliability and uptime with screaming performance for the workloads that run your enterprise.

High-Density Servers

Lenovo dense systems deliver massive computing power in minimal space to tackle workloads like High Performance Computing (HPC) , Artificial Intelligence (AI) , cloud, grid, and analytics.

Multi-Node Servers

Lenovo multi-node systems for compute-intensive workloads provide maximum core density in an easy-to-scale architecture. Increase your workloads in a smaller space while realizing energy-efficient dense processing.

Software-Defined Infrastructure

Lenovo’s ThinkAgile solutions simplify IT infrastructure and accelerate time to value, freeing you to focus on your core business.

Options & Accessories

From processors and memory to adapter cards and storage drives, optimize Data Center applications and workloads with a broad range of options and accessories designed for Lenovo server platforms.

Customer success stories

Dreamworks campus


How Lenovo brought powerful HPC solutions with Lenovo Neptune™ liquid-based cooling technology into DreamWorks' data center, so that their technology can keep pace with their creative innovation.

Woman on cell phone

Cellnex Telecom

How Cellnex Telecom moved network capabilities closer to their customers with a turnkey edge computing solution using Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 edge servers.

Miner in cave

LCR Group

How Lenovo helped the LCR Group, a Qube Company, bring cloud computing underground with a new hyperconverged infrastructure using Lenovo ThinkAgile HX3320 cluster and ThinkSystem SR550 servers at their disaster recovery site to protect their data.

Learn about Lenovo servers

Planning your next IT project?

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