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TruScale Infrastructure Services

TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service

TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service

Flexible IT infrastructure because innovation has no limits

Accelerate innovation with the latest industry-leading solutions through a no-risk, no-surprise, pay-as-you-go model.

Infrastructure as a Service. Designed for hybrid workplaces/

The trend for hybrid working is driving demand for more flexible, customizable, and scalable solutions.

We believe that simplifying your data center management and IT provisioning, frees up the time and space you need to take your business forward. Our IaaS model provides a cloud-like experience, helping you leverage the right solutions, at the right time, from the pocket to the Edge. All with on-premises security for control and peace of mind.

Flexible & scalable
Discover how we can help you build an IT infrastructure that keeps you ahead of the game. Our unique pay-as-you-go model aligns infrastructure with your business’s evolving demands.

Support & insight
Learn how we help simplify your day-to-day, so your team can achieve more with the resources you have. You can rely on our technical expertise and consistent global support while you focus on the way ahead.

Transparency & control
An authentic pay-as-you-use model helps eliminate over-provisioning. Our utilization and metering technology also lets you benefit from real-time cost insights, for efficient, predictable budgeting, with no surprises.


Unlock the benefits of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, infinite storage, and high-performance computing (HPC). Discover the ideal alliance with our industry-leading partners and accelerate your digital transformation.

TruScale Infinite Storage

Control your data and let Lenovo manage the infrastructure. Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage is an on-premises file, block, and object, as a Service solution, with built-in technology refresh. Welcome to a new level of data center support.

TruScale Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Run hybrid-cloud environments from the Edge, and benefit from consumption-based pricing. Standardized Hyper-V architecture allows your team to manage existing virtualization and storage processes while delivering a seamless customer experience.

TruScale Hybrid Cloud with VMware

Deploy a modern hybrid cloud platform for increased IT agility and efficiency. Joint solutions from VMware and Lenovo utilize virtualization, containers and aaS (as a Service) capabilities with the flexibility of a scalable pay-as-you-go model.

TruScale Multi-cloud with Deloitte

Accelerate your IT infrastructure growth with Deloitte’s proprietary tools for monitoring, automation, security, compliance, and account management. A simple path to modern apps and multi-cloud environments in one complete, automated platform.

TruScale for Hosted Desktops

A complete hosted desktop solution including client devices and hyperconverged systems with a Virtual Desktop Interface, for a monthly fee. Experience the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud with infrastructure on-premises.

TruScale for High Performance Computing

Lenovo TruScale™ High Performance Computing as a Service (HPCaaS), enables customers to access greater supercomputing resources. For research institutions working on solving humanity’s greatest challenges—this means a faster time to answer.


The right byte for you

Enjoy the advantages of on-premises data center hardware and services through a pay-as-you-go model.


Easily scale without incremental capital investments, keeping you ready for peak business performance and growth.

Variety with purpose

Get the latest Lenovo Hardware that meets your evolving needs and enjoy faster refresh cycles.

Security you control

Get the peace of mind and the benefit of physical on-premises security, capacity control, and protection of your data.

Sustainability comes built-in

TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service can help your organization optimize energy efficiency and reduce lifecycle costs.

Customer success stories

See how organizations are leveraging Lenovo TruScale to change the way they do business and meet evolving market needs head on.

Cat on human

Petco México

Petco powers more convenient, personalized experiences for every pet owner, with help from Lenovo TruScale and IT partner DCLOUD, boosting sales by 8% and lifting customer loyalty to historic new highs.
Paratera customer success story


How Paratera used Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services, powered by AMD EPYC™ CPUs processors, to expand its cloud services infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.
Servimed customer success story


Servimed, a distributor of pharmaceutical consumer products, switched to Lenovo ThinkAgile VX hyperconverged solutions to fuel its growth ambitions, unlock new efficiencies and enhance productivity.
Konecta Peru customer success story

Konecta Peru

Discover how Konecta, one of the largest business process outsourcing providers in Peru, used Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure services to successfully adapt to remote working.


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